Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home Now and Had a Good Time

After I last left things I was headed down to dinner in the lobby. I skipped the orange juice and vodka and went for a Diet Coke instead. The good thing about Mexico is that they let you sit and take your time over a meal. I got to slowly drink my soda and then slowly eat my soup...I ordered a super yummy bean soup with a cheese kind of like cottage cheese and thin strips of tortilla chips in it. I mostly went after the cheese and the runny bean soup. I managed about half and then ordered flan (I love flan). I ate a little more than half of it.

Today was pretty much just traveling home day-up at 6 and out the door to the airport and then Houston and then Oregon with some waiting bits in between. I went ahead and ate my lunch on the Houston flight. I was really hungry today (Probably my body decided it had better get me eating :)..either that or i managed to drop some more belly fat on Tuesday. They offered a chicken sandwich with swiss cheese. It was really rather fresh and good considering it was airplane food. I peeled off most of the bread and saved the chocolate and potato chips for later. Sitting on the plane is not too good for digestion. everything seemed to go down fine but after I hit Houston and made my way towards the Immigration line I had to take a side trip to the bathroom for a tiny spit PB. Probably the sandwich was too much for the funny angle my poor stomach must sit in on a plane.

For dinner it was HORRORS----a cheeseburger on the plane. There is only one food that I DO NOT EAT---yup hamburgers. No matter how hard I try They always come back up eventually. I ate the chips I saved from lunch, the chocolate and I took the cheesy bun top and ate just it throwing the rest away.

I did try to drink a lot of fluids but my legs and ankles are swollen from my trip. I hope I get to see a little weight loss over the next few days.

OK-the non-foody stuff.

I did like Mexico City. It is a strange sort of place. In a sense it reminds me a lot of Madrid. Quite a bit of choc-a-block housing mixed in with businesses and window shades. the water things on the roofs reminded me of Spain as well. There were also a lot of the same shops but also---many of the same ones we have here in the states though too. There is so much English on all of the signs and TV it is a wonder they manage to keep speaking Spanish.

The people were very nice, friendly and helpful but there was always a slight feeling of unsafeness...For example one of the people I was at the meeting with lived in a nearby neighborhood of attractive looking houses that the hotel looked over. From my 7th floor window I could see each of them from above. They each were surrounded by a wall with a yard inside and then of course the house and garage. On Tuesday when I rode back from town in the expensive taxi he took us through the neighborhood. Well each of these very middle class homes were fairly covered in graffiti when they were not protected by vines and each of the walls were topped with razor wire, electric fences or big security cameras.

It was very much a yin yang feeling...such warmth and history but an edge of poverty and fear. Now having said all that I would go back in a heartbeat. There is much more to see and do.

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Fiona said...

Thanks for the lovely description I felt like I was there. Sounds like a very interesting trip. You did well with the plane food. Its not always easy when you have no alternative. I always worry that if I cant eat what they provide I will starve lol