Monday, June 14, 2010

Yep..I got distracted

I had a couple of busy days at my new job last week then had to give two final exams for my other job, then tutored my two students and then packed up and drove to Spokane for my Nephew's high school graduation and it all adds up to no computer leisure time.

Oh and to top it all off my computer bit the dust this morning. Thankfully because I have a nerdy technophile for a husband all it took was a phone call on my drive home from Eastern Washington and by the time (5 hours later) I opened the front door to the house he was setting up my new Toshiba netbook computer.

one and 1/2 years ago my very expensive apple computer died a nasty death after three years of use. I was mad as the thing cost way too much. I chose it because i was sick of having to get a new laptop every four years. My husband decided that the only chance I had of finding a computer that would last more than four years was to splash out some cash and go with an Apple...well...not so much. It gave me nothing but trouble for three years and then died.

My new tactic was to go cheap and dirty. So I figured at $400 dollars I could afford to get a new computer every year. This seems to have done the trick. exactly one year and 6 months later (wow a 50% bonus life span) I am buying a new one. It is bright and shiny and boring black but it has a better outlet than my newly expired HP and someother bits i didn't know I always wanted :)

Now onto my latest bandy thinking:

The graduation party was the first time in quite a while that I had seen my extended family. At 120 pounds lost it was to say the least noticable to them. They did a bit of wow looking good and a lot of you have wrinkles.

but the important a few weeks ago I got to thinking about food and guilt. One of the best things (and I think I aleady wrote about this) is that I no longer feel guilty about going into a store and buying a candy bar or eating cake at a family event. Well this was one of those family events. The kind where there is crap all over the place. There was a hamburgers, hotdogs, pasta salads, chips, dips, potato salads, desserts etc. I had a bite of hamburger and a bit of hotdog (went down quite nicely thanks :)))...and then I watched. I watched every single overweight person at the barbque pick up 'bad' foods and look around guilitly as they popped the item onto their plate or mouth.

What in this world have we done to ourselves to make fat and eating such a guilt laden activity!!!


THE DASH! said...

Yay to not feeling guilt when we stray a touch - mind you, I think I've lost ALL my guilt as late... sigh.. I've been soooo bad but today is great - been a model bandit.

Bummer about your comp - good you have a hubbie who sorted quickly lol. Go him!

Lonicera said...

It must be such a liberating feeling... I'm finding that sometimes it's so hard to be patient. I'm tired tired tired of feeling guilty, inadequate, etc. But on the positive side I don't now feel greedy, because thanks to the band I can't be.

It's lovely to see how much happier you obviously feel.


Girl Bandit said...

This is so true and deserves a whole thesis paper or eqivalent.