Friday, June 18, 2010

Back to Crazy Land

My careful calm life has been a bit uprooted over the past few days. I don't know if it is a state of mind I have fallen back into or if it is just plain old too much to get done but for the past few days we have fallen back into our old too much time in the front of the computer with work, running to meetings and lessons and broken computers.

Meals have slipped, housekeeping went down the tubes..sleep? arghg.

I definitely know I quite like the organized, lower stress life I have carved out over the last few months and I am going to do my best to keep my fingers on it.

To Do List:
1. Mexico City/finish presentation
2. Leave on Sunday/Pack
3. schedule Graces Horseback lessons
4. Syllabus for math class
5. Improve course online component
6. Evaluation plan
7. Newspaper article wrap up
8. Newspaper advertisement for tutoring
9. get new, new computer files transferred
10. eek...what happened to summer?

right then...maybe I can hammer through the list tomorrow.


Lonicera said...

I get the feeling that it's the malfunctioning computers which are pushing you over the edge - we rely so heavily on them... My life would be awful without them. I'd actually have to do some housework. Argh. I must go into a dark room and put a wet flanel on my forehead.
I think you're wonderfully organised.

THE DASH! said...

Ack and I thought I was busy. Good thing you are a list maker: wading your way through that lot is going to take some doing. Keep at it. xx

Sandy Lee said...

Leave the dust bunnies. They will still be there to tackle in a month but who cares. Enjoy a little summer.

chicroses said...

Gosh you are doing so happy for you. Now if I could do better...I think in the last couple days Ive gained 3lbs...famous daves does it everytime...I love that place.
I should have traveled up to spokane with you..oh well but jim has been sick..
So we were leaving to Iowa on monday but we got this certified letter this morn from lawyer for the housing district here. We put the wrong kind of fence ear..they want posts with it will be about $2000 so that was our trip money..whine whine...oh well...I am now hopping to go to your moms for the 4th so maybe see you there...