Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My First Bedtime Acid Reflux AKA the Acid Rocket

I was seriously evaluating whether it was time for a little top up. The day after my little Montezuma episode improved I went on a serious crazed food seeking bender. I was ravenous. Every item of food I saw, could reach or could even dream up sounded absolutely delicious. I felt very open and used this band laxity to graze my way through candy, cookie, cake, roast beef, vegetables, cheese, crackers, some dry cereal and even a couple of sausages.

Yesterday was a bit better. The hungry beast calmed down a bit and I was mostly good during the day but after dinner (A nice healthy one i might add) I felt that hoover feeling again and had a small frozen yogurt at 7pm and then another pina colada yogurt with a few chocolate chips stirred in at 8:30.

Then I went to bed at midnight. I felt a bit full and did a bit of walking around the house until I felt like the food had made its way south. So I went to bed and fell asleep. About one hour later I woke up coughing and in a panic. The acid launched up my esophagus like a rocket. I jumped out of bed thinking I was going to have to throw up but no...just horrible tasting acid. I did a bit of spitting and drank some water followed by burping and tried to go back to bed....ahh no...more acid rockets. I finally sat and rested my pillows stacked high on my lap, leaning my head forward so I could doze while keeping the acid down. As soon as I nodded off to sleep-another burst of acid. I thought this finally dislodged whatever it was and again no--I laid down and more acid. I got up and grabbed my box of tums and started popping them every time I woke up. The rocket scenario happened each and every time i fell asleep and about 6 times in total. I finally burped a final time and viola..no more acid and I could fall asleep at 4 in the morning.

Today my stomach has been a tad tender. Breakfast gave me grief and I have been trying to take it really easy on my tummy. I am hoping this is another cycle of tightening as my band seems to do periodically. I dropped a little lower into 181. Normally I tighten up as my scale cycles up and loosen as it cycles down. This is a tighten and cycle down combo.

Now some good news...My hair is growing back in. I have an annoying hair halo when I put my hair into a ponytail...a bunch of baby hair is cropping itself all over my head.

My brand new swimsuit is getting too big!! It seems that the smaller you get the quicker your sizes change. I wore one suit for almost 100 pounds and now 5 pounds and my boobs are flopping out of the bra cups because they are smaller!!

Happy Tuesday.


Anonymous said...
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Yana said...

Oh boy do I feel your reflux pain!!!

I was scared to take anything by mouth HOURS before I went to sleep.

My dr told me to take prilosec in the afternoon preventively for a month.

Band Groupie said...

Hey GF...don't let the night reflux go on long without treatment...hope it was a one time event (no fun)!

tessierose said...

That sounds awful, I hope you get that resolved soon!

Jen from Oregon said...

I made some pepper steak for the first time since being banded...tomato sauce, peppers, onions! I Thought I was gonna die! Never had acid like that. I did prilosec for 14 days just to be safe. Not fun!