Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SO Boring...Not

Hidy ho.

shhhh...come in a little closer....total weirdness...kind of fun and flattering but still...since I lost weight I have noticed that I get a little more attention from ehem..men who are not my husband (Ok make that any attention).  I was introduced to this 'guy' the other night at our local wine bar.  We chitty chatted.  He moaned about his search for a good woman.  I told him he missed my friend who was looking for a good man but she has returned home to the UK.  A week later David and I are sipping another glass and relaxing when 'guy' comes out to say hello with a little banter about my searching for a good woman for him.  Ok..I might have crossed some sort of flirting line when I asked him if he biked earlier in the day and that I saw him and he was looking good in his bike wear. I was only sayin it because i like a good bikers calves you know..artistically speaking.  There was further light discussion about riding bikes (cause I used to and he does and David was involved in this conversation the whole time).  Now fast forward to today and....guess who came into the shop in his bike wear all sweaty to sit down for a chat???

um..if I were not a happily married woman..Im just saying.  Very flattering for ones ego.


Ronnie said...

VERY NICE. Go Tina! :)

o.c. bandster said...

you still got it!!!!!!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...


Justine said...

nice work!

Lonicera said...

All in the interest of art, obviously.