Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hang on--Get a Mental Image

Start with picturing me in my work uniform (printy skirt, t shirt and cardigan that are getting TOO tight) dangling from a loose window screen in mid air...For some reason I have enough fingernail to hold myself onto the screen like a cat (I don't really) and my legs are flailing to keep my balance.

That is what today felt like in my battle against habits.

Day two of the Starbucks step back-What the bloody hell was I thinking when I hooked myself up to that place in the first place?

A few years ago I confessed my break up with McDonalds.  I used to love McDonalds.  the band..forced the break up.  Well my lovely addictive self plopped me into a new bad relationship with a new boyfriend and his name is buck.

I repeated the plan from yesterday.  one plain old tall latte (150 calories) in the morning and one container of oatmeal with just nuts.

in the afternoon I had a venti berri cooler.  Today I asked them to whir the drink up in a blender into a slushie-It was really good.

I had a smallish lunch (that included 7 tortilla chips) and a small dinner on the fly (had to teach a knitting class tonight).  At nine I wanted some Ben and Jerry's REALLY bad.  I had a home-made pumpkin muffin that Grace made while I was teaching tonight.

So..not a great day on the food front but a really good one in my break up with the peppermint frapp.


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Sarah said...

The thing about bad relationships, is that the all have their great moments that make you believe it will all be ok (the skinny latte). Then the bad bits sneak up on you one at a time until one day hitting you with the mocha cookie frappaccinos without you even blinking twice.