Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh the Wisdom in this Little Group-

The thing about bad relationships, is that the all have their great moments that make you believe it will all be ok (the skinny latte). Then the bad bits sneak up on you one at a time until one day hitting you with the mocha cookie frappaccinos without you even blinking twice. Sara at Skinny on the inside
This is exactly why I love blogging.  Every single comment brings support, gems of wisdom, friendship, a kick up the name it.  I cannot take any of this from my family or probably not even face to face but this place where we follow each other it seems perfect and so obvious right?
Day 3 of the no peppermint-
This morning-venti 100 calorie berry cooler blended with ice., the oatmeal with nuts and no sweetener this time (it wasn't bad actually).  The shop was slammed back to back with BUYERS!!! :)  Yippeeee I love Thursday.  So..breakfast was actually the drink and lunch has become the tepid oatmeal and it is totally decent tasting.
The scale is an evil bastard but I will try and be patient.  It hasn't moved at all!!!  All this sacrifice even and it is just sitting there like a lump...pht...
The funniest part in all of this is:  I am hungrier but tighter at the same time.  Kind of weird hunh?


Ronnie said...

That is weird! I know the scale will start moving downward soon, how could it not when you're running around the shop all day AND gave up your fraps? ;)

Lonicera said...

It'll start to show any day now. These addictions are SUCH a pain, aren't they?