Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Posting While Drunk

4 glasses of wine-That is all it takes.  

I taught a crochet class tonight:  two glasses of wine.  We did have a good time though-but-why is teaching someone how to do something physical more difficult than teaching them math? ...............(yes these are for you know who I mean? :)

Yup..definitely a little too much wine.

After class ended (crochet and I was teaching) I realized that David and I were home alone.  Grace went off to a sleep over.  We decided to take a walk...right to the wine bar around the corner.  We had two more glasses of wine and visited with neighbors.  Did I tell you I serve wine at many of my knitting and crochet classes? I love this neighborhood.  You go around the corner and there are good people with whom you can visit.  

One our way back home David and I discussed why this neighborhood is so good.  He decided it was a mis-management of zoning policies in general-Everyone in suburbia should live in places with places to eat, drink and be merry within walking distance.  It is good for the business, good for the neighbor and good for the police.  business-gets more because nipping out for a quicky is just that.  Good for neighbors because we go and actually talk and visit at these places.  and good for the police as we are WALKING instead of driving home.  I am not sure why suburbia hasn't figured this out.  My old neighborhood-we could walk to church but not to eat or drink (we didn't).

um..weight? what weight?  I talked to my neighbor about my lapband and found out that another friend was looking into getting one.  I talked to another neighbor who is looking for a good woman..little did he know that I have another friend who is looking for a good man.  um...

I am still moderating my Starbucks obsession..sitting at one berry cooler (140 calories) and one frapp (400 calories) a day for two days.  I was a bit PMS-y and feeling sorry for myself.  I was also tight-I wonder if there is a connection?

yup well..will see what the scale says over the next couple of days.  OH..I did make a pact to walk three days a week with a neighbor while at the bar :)

How are you?  How is your drinking life going?  Can you read this?  I have never written a blog post under the influence before..ummm at least I don't think so....Happy Wednesday everyone.



Lap Band Gal said...

What a great post!

Your neigborhood sounds awesome...I have to get in the car to see anyone or do anything. boo. :(

Please do more wine soaked likey :)

o.c. bandster said...

you cracked me up. made me wish i lived in your neighborhood too!

Ronnie said...

I wish I lived within walking distance of anything. I'm 10 miles from the nearest grocery store, much less coffee places or bars. Wahhh!