Friday, July 20, 2012

No Comment

I refuse to answer under that grounds that my words might incriminate me..yup...I craacked  but but but..only once ;)

I was having a personal pity party (nothing bad exactly just craving and wanting things faster than they can be)

I only cracked for one-this morning I was all good but then I have a friend come over who cracked on a non-smoking thing.  and then pretty soon..I cracked too.  wow now I sound defensive.

The rest of the day was good.  decent lunch, OK breakfast..just a berry cooler thingy to drink.  The evening stretches ahead of me but I will be careful.



o.c. bandster said...

You probably just want to take the "fifth" on this one or your might go down for some Starbucks related crime.

The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

haha! Breaking a habit is hard! So forgive yourself for a little slip up but don't allow yourself to slide down that slippery slope back to Starbucks. Save yourself! haha! Glad to hear the knitting shop is going well! I need to pick knitting back up - I tend to drop it in the Summer and pick it back up in the Fall but I've got some baby gifts I should be knitting...maybe they'll just get Christmas gift booties and hats instead of when they're being born (August). :)