Thursday, July 26, 2012

10 things Thursday cause you know sometimes its nice to follow :)

1.  Thursday is a long work day.  I open at 10am and have a bunch of knitters, tatters, crocheters and so on in from 6:30-9.  We talk, and count and drink (sometimes water sometimes wine) and have cookies.

2.  One of my regulars brought in some yarn she dyed with KOOL completely nifty and I so want to do this.

3.  I have a problem with food rewards.  Tonight..I have a little menage with Ben and Jerry :)  I don't feel guilty yet but I am sure that will change when the scale doesn't move down in consequence.

4.  I am almost done with a stuffed bear I have been knitting since happy to see it finished.  This will leave me open to start something new.

5.  I have sooo much work to do.  ( I could list way more than 10 but they are all knitting related)

6.  hmm is my life so boring I cannot think of anything more than 5 things to say???????

7.  I have been playing phone tag..ok she emails and I phone for two days with a friend in the UK..Time zones suck sometimes.

8.  I do like having my own business even though the hours are kind of long.  I do not like being trapped in a store all day though.  I hope things work out so that I can pop in and out more (like enough money to hire an employee!).

9.  Ok a bit of a 30th high school reunion is next weekend.  I was going to go but I have concert tickets that I have had for ages to go with a friend to Seattle.  I have David to man the store but he does not do knitting.

Should I try and stretch it to going to the other side of the state after the concert or just give it a miss.  I wasn't really close to any of my high school colleagues.  I didn't go to my 20 year reunion.  At my 10 year everyone was way more excited to visit with my ex husband than me (They didn't really know me as I started in the middle of 10th grade and was super shy).  Here is the thing though..Facebook...I have friended some of them and we have had a few interesting interchanges.

If I go I have to leave David alone at the store for Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday or close (bad practice for sure)..ahhhg

10.  Right now my stance is concert yes..then come home pretty quickly on Saturday.  There is a little piece of me however that wants to go.


Sarah said...

Reunions aren't such a big thing over here but I get myself worked into a state about stuff like that so I would probably give it a miss and just got to the concert. Way too much pressure for one weekend for me. xx

Ronnie said...

I would go to the reunion, especially since you have already friended some of the people and been talking with 'em. Just my two cents! :)

Unless you already bought the concert tickets... hmm.