Monday, July 16, 2012

The Fix Up Tina Show-

Today is my only day off from the store.  I have come to really appreciate this day off (I know..Tina opens a store and then goes all whiny about how she doesn't have any time yep...hand raised..let the whining commence and I want that with cheese please). campaign to help with this supreme agony of working too hard for now is to make sure and do a bit of pampering and turning away from all things worky on Mondays.  Today Grace went off to a technology camp from 9am-noon and I had my hair cut by my lovely and oh so talented next door neighbor (in her shop downstairs much like mine).  I then walked over to my local nail lady and had my first facial.  I have always heard mixed reviews about facials.  Some people think they are great while others say they are a waste of money when you can spend a comparable amount and get a real massage.

Of course what does a blogger do while getting her first facial..well craft a review of that facial in my brain so as soon as I got the chance I would blog about it.  Here is the crazy crap that when through my head:

My nail lady is very nice and just what you would want a nail lady to be like. She is a touch wild (good conversation about and business).  I think her business is hurting a bit as she has recently upped her extras for no cost (massage after each nail treatment, drinks offered etc).  She also installed a religious shrine right up front.  Today right after I came in and asked for my facial she ran quickly back to her back room and cleaned up the room (that I secretly think has become a store room instead of a treatment room because no one ever gets a facial or waxing treatments (more on that later).  She came out and said she was letting the steam machine warm up and would be just a few minutes and then promptly grabbed a pillow and had a quick prayer (not sure if she has had some religious awakening or if she was thanking the powers that be that finally a customer was willing to pay for a facial).  She finished her on the floor kneeling prayer and then went back to prepping the room for my facial.

When she was ready she took me back.  She had a steamer thing going and had me lay down on a massage table.  The table itself was quite comfortable but for some reason I expected more of a dental chair set up.  She aimed the steamer at my face and let me sit for about 15 minutes.  This wasn't really comfortable.  I am not sure exactly what the steamer is supposed to do but I had trouble breathing with all of the steam blowing in my face.  I spent the next 15 minutes shifting my mouth up and down sucking in non-misted air.

The salon woman came in and wiped off the steamy sweat with a tissue and then started slathering one potion after another.  She pulled out this massage thing that looked like an electric razor.  it had different tips and she swapped them out between layers and did a few rounds wiping off my face with a white towel.  One weird part was this 'massage' device thing.  As far as I could tell it didn't vibrate, it didn't put off heat or anything really except beep.  at one point I asked her if the beeping was because of a battery problem and her response was..that is showing it is working.  If the beeping is all it did it was quite effective at annoying the hell out of me.

After we were done she made me look at how my wrinkles had improved after the treatment...pht..I don't have that many wrinkles anyway.  I was really looking to reduce the black heads on my nose frankly and just plain old relax.  both of these were a facial fail.

Have any of you had a facial?  was it similar? did I just get a bad one?



Lonicera said...

Ooh you made me laugh! The whole experience sounds extraordinary. I can't believe she had a shrine in her shop - is this normal? And to use it in front of customers? I've only ever had one facial, and I'm afraid I'm one of those who would rather spend the money on something else. It cost £50 and was given to me as a present, and I sat in a dentist type chair before being smothered in towels. As far as I remember it consisted of a face massage, unguents of various types being applied, hot moist towels every now and then, and soothing music in the background. I think they finished me off with astringent lotion, and that was that. Fifty quid!!

Lynda said...

I've had a few facials and the good ones will explain what they are doing each step of the way. Next time (if there is one) go to a spa...they should have a facial "menu" and you'll get to pick what kind of treatment you want.

Dawnya said...

I get a facial once a month and it is divine!!! It last at least an hour. My face is glowing after. I leave relaxed and refreshed each time. It also includes a neck and hand massage.

Ronnie said...

Now I want a facial. But not from an overly religious business woman who has no idea what she's doing. That should have been enjoyable, not annoying! :(