Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hi-dy Ho neighbors-Four Year (I think) check in.

I had my four year research study check in yesterday.  As usual arranging the appointment, fasting until the time needed (this year it was an ungodly noon!) and getting to the appointment offices was a big old pain int he backside.  As always, however, once I get to the thing I am so grateful for the information I get by checking in each year to monitor my progress.  this years stats are not stellar but not bad either.

1.  I am up 10 pounds from last year (apparently I have not made it to one of these annual events at goal or during my brief trip below goal).  the good news is that I only gained 10 pounds for the research study instead of the almost 20 from my lowest low that I am carting around.

2.  This weight gain happened right where I suspected it did.  My waist and belly (ahhh us fat tummy girls..all gut and no butt).   I increased my waist by 4 inches but hey..my neck is still as slender as ever (pht..like I care).

2.  All of my weight gain came on as fat..of course I expected this since it is largely due to my drastically cutting down on exercise.  I know I need to do it..but so far I have had no gumption to really get out and take action.

3.  My blood pressure was improved even from last year!!!  small miracles eh?

4.  My recovery from the 1/4 mile walk they put us through was even faster than last year.  I made a better than pre/pulse recovery after two minutes.  I guess this means despite the fact I have turned back into lazy girl I am still heart fit.

Other news:

The shop is doing a brisk business.  Not paying rent worthy but definitely better than I expected a month into things.  I am hardly getting any knitting time in :).  This is a good thing.

My mother in law who was visiting for the last month went home today :(...we will miss her.

OH..for some reason after yesterdays 1/2 day fast I have tightened up like notbodys business.  So much so that I feel a weight-loss coming on.  Now if I can just bring myself to get off my arse at the same time I would be sitting pretty.

Deep thoughts:  the band is still the best decision I ever made.  this 10-20 pounds is doable and I just need to get my act in gear.  When it was 150 pounds to lose it was just too daunting to contemplate.

love you all..and miss this cool supportive place.  I will try and pop over on schedule again soon.


Linda said...

Glad things are going well with the shop, sounds so nice to be doing what you enjoy.
I feel the same way about my band, 10 or 20 pounds is way easier to deal with than 100.

Bunny said...

I think it's awesome that you get a check up once a year and can see the progress and also the bits you need to work at within a good time frame. It's horrible thinking about a billion pounds to lose, as I am still battling, but good to know where you're at and that you have done so much for your health and heart and longevity even if you have an extrA10lb on your tum. Great stuff and congrats with the shop xxxx

Lynda said...

Thrilled for you that your shop is doing well!!!!

CeeJay said...

Great attitude!

Ronnie said...

That's fantastic that you get a yearly study done... I wish I could have that to look back on. :)

So glad to hear business is going even better than you anticipated. I love that!