Friday, June 29, 2012

Stuff and Thursdayness

1.  A few days ago I had an epiphany about the whole setting an example of what 'normal' for my children. I have had my adult children and others comment on the quantity of food I eat.  Yes indeed it isn't very much anymore.  Whether how much I eat is abnormal..well I say that is a bit of rubbish.  So I may or not be considered 'normal' but..obviously my body is not one of the fast burner types of furnaces that all of the chubby among us desire to have.  I am a slow burner and a small quantities of calories goes along way.  It SUCKS yes..but it is.  For me..a couple of small meals a day is 'normal'.  In observing my friends and family for food quantities I have come to the conclusion that there is a very LARGE range of what normal is.  Grace, David and I are at the low end of meal size needs.  I have a family friend who can and does eat quite large amount and is skinny as a rail (like a big plate heaped with food-both high and low cal).  I spent a lifetime envying my skinny friends their appetites.  Some of these skinny friends could indeed eat a lot while others really did not eat that much but had an internal thermostat that kept them satisfied with that. Mine was a low burner and never seemed to tell me when enough was enough to maintain a healthy weight.

 I will no longer worry about what example I set for my children or others as this range and my post surgery meal sizes are good examples that everyone is different.  Everyone needs to eat different amounts of food to sustain themselves.  I am a 'little-amount' kind. I can earn more with exercise.  I might sometimes and I might not others.  For me it is the price to be paid.  My children need to learn and re-learn that everyone is different and the main gold is figure out who you you burn and do the best you can to optimize your life around that.

2.  The local newspaper published an article about the shop.  The traffic has increased a crud-load.  I had customers coming through all week and I am pooped :)  It is good..and there is so much to do.

3.  My weight is the bane of my life.  Up still around 180.  I have done some eating, done some exercising, for two meals because I was too busy (one or two coffees and a snack).  My ankles are swollen and I am tired.  Usually two really busy days results in a weight drop..I will see if that comes back.

4.  Not eating any meals for two days leads me to believe that keeping myself busy is a good thing for weight loss.  Adding exercise and eating quality would improve that (I hope :))  I wasn't hungry so then the question is to myself..if I don't get hungry when I am busy what exactly is that thing I think is hunger when I am not busy???

5.  I have an adolescent in the house..and it is VERY painful.

6.  My adolescent had friends over today..Thus a house-full of adolescents all at age 10-11...surprise was even more painful.  My mother-in-law made sure to tell me (this was to make me feel better about my lone painful child).  Wow..all 6 of them were alike..pouting because I told them they had to stay downstairs and then 5 minutes later happy as can be with music on the computer and drawing supplies. :)...How quickly a parent forgets these turbulent years.

7.  This is round 4 for the final time (my fourth and final parenting job to an adolescent-an yes I realize grandma-ing might happen but I like the idea of being one step removed from it next round).  I must remember to savor the good bits and let the bad bits roll off my back.  Be one with the duck....I am waterproof..roll off roll off :)  Yoga anyone?

8.  I love my new neighborhood.  Today on my walk to my morning coffee and back I had no less than 5 people (my neighbors) say hello.  This was one block and a total of 10 minutes.  In that 10 minutes I ended up with a play date for Grace (read number 6 for a recap).  Empathetic discussion about number 5, a congrats on number 2.  and an invitation to a wine tasting.  Life is good.

9. 1-8 are packed enough aren't they?

10.  The bell tolls 12:30 am and I have a a coffee run scheduled at 9am, a shop to open at 10, a spruce up of the 'lab' and samples to hang for upcoming classes.  a fingerless glove knitting camp to teach at 3pm and a cork craft to host at 6:30.  phew.. I need to get some sleep to prep.

Happy Friday everyone!!



Sarah said...

congratulations on the article!

Dawnya said...

I'm tired just reading about it. LOL

I'm so excited that the traffic in the shop has picked up. You are such an amazing person. I love that you are doing what makes you happy.

Grace...she will grow out of it...or into it...but enjoy every moment.

Ronnie said...

Whew, busy lady! Glad to hear everything is going well with your business. That's awesome that you're getting more traffic. Knitting is super trendy right now, so I can't say I'm surprised. :)

Lonicera said...

So glad it's going well! And my goodness, how do you find time for anything else - let alone reading blogs and writing posts... I read the article and followed the link to your website, where I enjoyed seeing what you've added.
I can see you opening an independent shop in a year's time...