Monday, June 18, 2012

Food For Thought-

Yep.  This non-dieter is thinking diet.  This morning I found this list on of a pinterest post.  Although I am not going to go crazy on the diet wagon there was some very sage advice here.

Something happened to me on the band.  Things that I never dreamed of doing while I struggled with my weight pre-band I now do without a thought. Sugar drinks and sauce anyone?  We also still eat out way too much.

On the other hand some of the good things I have changed include-no more fast food, equal parts protein and vegetables at meals,Slowing down and concentrating on meals, and eating small meals.

How do you feel about this list?  How does the band help/hurt you in some of these suggestions?



Sandy said...

Hey Tina. The link to Pinterest doesn't work. My biggest achievement was cutting out so much fast food. Now it's a treat and I cook more.

Tina said...

Dang..going to fix it right now!!

Lonicera said...

I seem to have let a couple of your posts go by - love the pictures of your shop, it looks so welcoming and pretty. Particularly like the old suitcase with the rich fat skeins of twisted wool. Gorgeous. Do hope it's doing well.