Sunday, June 24, 2012

Exercise is the Only Way To Go..I Think :)

Ok..I just finished a very good  try to curtail the coffee and cut out the crap and eat better.  I failed.  I am tight enough.  I am feeling now like I did pre-band in my many failed attempts to get a grip on myself.  This is of course a very minor place in comparison.  I was battling 300 pounds then and had 150 to lose.  Now..I am battling 20 or so but it is no less difficult to maintain myself.  I can get through a day and I go with the screaming voices urging me to fill the void with some sinful treat or another-the main one being the coffee habit.

So..the alternative (and deep down I knew this all of the time as did some of you fellow bloggers who told me so while I was moaning many posts ago) is exercise. I need to get out of my chair, out of this shop when it is closed and onto my bike or feet or whatever I can manage REGULARLY.  In the past exercise has been the one thing that pushed the pounds off when I was stuck.  Exercise is the one thing that helped me curb my desire to stuff down sweet stuff.  Exercise burned calories that I sometimes failed to resist during the day.

I don't need to run...I don't need to do a marathon or even a wild man crazy triathlon.  I just need to move a little more everyday.  Run up and down my stairs 6 or seven time.  Walk for a few miles or ride my bike for a few more.  Changing jobs cut down on a huge amount of daily exercise for me (about 2 miles walk per day).  having the store in my basement has locked me into the house a whole lot more than I normally would have been before.  Only I can do something about that.


Sarah said...

Yay to having the coffee back but you have my huge sympathies for the rest. Fitting in exercise can be so irritating until you get used to it.

Lap Band Gal said...

Yep, totally agree that exercise is the way. It's amazing how it makes me feel better...not just keep the scale in check. :)