Friday, June 22, 2012

Ok..Day Two. Here I Come

One day without Starbucks.  Day two finds me resisting the urge to walk around the corner and get my Yoosh..ushe...youge? (how should one spell that funny short for usual word anyway? :)

I made the orange and milk with protein powder and ice smoothie.  I also popped two cherries (sadly for me..first..tsk tsk tsk).  Now my smoothie and vitamins are going down V e r y s l o w l y.

I have allergies and one hellacious headache this  morning (caffeine withdrawals maybe but could be just plain old sinus stuff).

Oh..the scale rewarded me with 1 pound down.



Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

You go girl!

Sarah said...

And what a sweet pound it was. Gone forever! :oD

Linda said...

Good job Tina!!! I do get headaches when i don't get my caffeine.