Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today! Now! Enough!

For some reason my resolve has returned.  Like any good alcoholic (or in this case-Starbucks-a-holic)  I am kicking my morning ridiculously huge frapp.

I woke up. I did a kitchen clean.  I made an orange juice and protein powder with a splash of milk and a hit of iced tea (a girls gotta have some caffeine).  It was actually quite tasty despite the blow out experience I had with my blender.

at 11:30 I had the hungries and went back upstairs (working for my lunch don't you know) and had and ounce of cheddar and an apricot.

So the dilemma I get to have an afternoon coffee or not?  I will let you know how I hold out.

My weight is sitting at 179.  180 has become quite stable and unacceptable.  I know that I have gotten stealth about getting calories in.  I am pretty sure a fill will not solve my problems.  It is up to me now.


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