Monday, July 30, 2012

Aww I Love a Day Off

Monday is the new Saturday for me.  The store is closed and Grace and I get to leave :)

This week is a touch different in that I have a kids camp this week with two students.  This morning I helped two girls (one was a no show) learn a little bit about different kinds of fabrics and what was best for doll clothes (print size and weight) and what was not so good.  They each picked out some fabrics for their 18" doll wardrobe and then did very well making each of their dolls a skirt and got half-way through a simple tshirt.  They even had enough time for a short 'coffee' break of water and cake.

At noon Grace and I bundled up a bunch of packages that have needed mailing for ages. Went and had lunch at a local sandwich place. Found grace some shoes (she didn't outgrow them this time but made them STINKY..pewww.  We then went down to a local plastics place to get a magazine rack for the shop, a fold-up sign holder for the front sidewalk and looked into having inserts made for my yarn shelves (I have so much yarn I need to organize things better).

This weekend we discussed how/what/if we were going to try and do any vacationing.  We have decided to keep it conservative for this summer.  We are going to try and fit in one over-nighter on the coast in the next few weeks and then stay home for the rest.  We have a kitchen remodel thing happening in the next couple of weeks (new bar put in and door separating our living space with the shop).  We have to be home for that as well as make sure we pay for it.

Foody news:

I am a touch tight today (happy about that one).  The scale dipped down a pound today (about damned time) and I have not had any frappy just my berry breeze blended tazo thingy (I really don't eve  know what to call it anymore).  I am still kind of puffy with water retention and am hoping that starts to drain off soon.

We walked a bit last night (not enough but some).  I really need to get back on my bike or some other exercise related activity to get my metabolism turned on again.  I do at this stage think....well..I might..try this day of fasting again next week.


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Ronnie said...

I don't blame you - I fast a few days a week. 8 hours of eating per day, the other 16... just water or tea or coffee. *shrug* It works!