Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Indulgences Gotta Go

I calculated the number of calories I ingested yesterday.  It wasn't pretty.  It is amazing how many calories you can get from a couple of frappachinos and ice cream.  Really you ask? has she really been doing that?  yes..yes I have.  It is definitely time to get a grip.  My will to work on this diet-y gig has slipped of late but I am more tired of most of my wardrobe sitting unused in my closet.  I want those 4 inches off my midriff and even those extra inches that weren't measured by the doctor.  I will eat food for calories not liquid.  I will drastically cut out the sugary snacks.

Today:  2% latte no sugar, 1 bowl of oatmeal with nuts and dried fruit.  No sugar.  Must..keep focussed :)

Some stuff I knew before but conveniently forgot duh...Venti peppermint mocha frapp no whip-400 calories.

Tall 2% latte-150 calories.
Venti berry hibiscus cooler-100 calories
Venti lime cooler-80 calories.

Goodbye frapp..I will miss you.
I have also taken on a kinship with Ben and Jerry's peanut butter cup ice cream-400 calories per half cup...Goodbye Ben...Goodbye Jerry..I just cannot be trusted with you.



Lonicera said...

Hey now steady on. This is your frappachino stock supervisor speaking. I've set in enough stocks of mint and chocolate and milk to last me for at least a year of tinajohnsons and I can't have you backing out like this. You obviously don't realise that if you don't drink my product nobody else will - you're the only one who has it. What will I do with myself all day? Starbucks head office are seriously concerned.
Caroline, your Friendly Frappachino Friend

Ronnie said...

B&J's is a slippery slope! Stephen and I started eating it together and I gained so much weight back after I broke that seal - almost 10 lbs. I'm convinced it's the devil. :(

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Ugh - counting calories is a huge wakeup call when I do it!

Tina said...

haha..Well CAroline I have only made it through one day! So far the swap to coffee in the morning berry green coffee thingy in the afternoon has gone well. You should see my baristas though..They are seriously scared right now. I am really messing with their heads.


Lap Band Gal said...

Oh Starbucks. Totally my weakness too. Hang in there. You can do it :)

Justine said...

Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream??? Seriously?? OMG I'm going to have to get some when I'm next in the USA.

Sometimes I'm glad the UK doesn't have the range of food (as well as som many other things) that you do in the US, because I would have a hard time staying away from things like B&J's PBCup ice cream!