Sunday, August 5, 2012

Concert and Day off

A friend and I always try and go see the Bare Naked Ladies when they come into town.  They skipped Portland this year but had a concert up in the Seattle area and we bought tickets.  Of course a trip to Seattle required and overnighter so I left the store with David and took a day and a half off.  The concert was excellent as well the shopping, lounging by Lake Washington and good old chitty chat on our way up and down to Seattle.

New band:  I love blues and funk.  The lead singer for Bighead Todd and the Monsters has a wonderful smooth voice and excellent guitar skills.

 My friend Linda and I at the concert.  It was quite cozy.  I was seated next to a woman who must have recently fallen off a motorcycle .  She had a broken arm and some severe scabby road rash-on my side of course. I was worried that I would end up with a big arm of puss rub off :)  It was fine once we all stood up for the music and I had a glass of wine.  My friend Linda was next to a heavily pregnant woman.  Still great fun and road rash woman did offer and take this picture so..the cozy was the least I could do.
A photo of Bighead Tom and the Monsters.  Put him into pandora and have a listen.  Really good.

OH M G..don't even ask me about my weight.  It is a train wreck.  It is hot out this week.  I am retaining water like a mad thing and the scale hit 181 today.  My guess is from my ankles and boobs that at least 8-10 lbs is water.  It is so annoying.  I am going into see my GP tomorrow to see if we can work out what is going on.  I would rather not treat the symptom and try and figure out why I am packing on water but if water pills are the only answer I am going to go for them.



adorkbl said...

I LOVE BNL. I have seen them at least 4 or 5 times in concert. Glad you enjoyed it!!

Sarah said...

Yay for concerts and a day and a half off.
Shouldn't you be sweating out water if its hot? I don't really get water retention other than the whole bloating thing. Hope your GP can sort it for you. xx