Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I am still here-but reading for another foody adventure

The shop is going gangbusters and I am working my hind-end off.  This is really good though.  I am so happy the shop is going well.  I am now trying to figure out what to get in for Christmas stock.

Food-Oh man.  I am so stuck at 180.  I am totally tight enough but I have lost the plot in a big way.  In addition (I might have already moaned about all of this but you just get to listen to it again).  My ankles are still swelling like crazy.  I have even gone numb in about half my toes and up into part of my foot.  

David has been reading (as we nerds tend to do in this situation).  Apparently it if very common for co-morbidities to start coming back after a period following weight loss-nice one eh?  NOT!

This was one of my big-time annoying co-morbidities.  So what does a girl do?  Why another crazy diet of course :)

My friend Andrea told me about this book called It Sarts With Food.  She is right in the middle of her 30 days of hard work. There is also a webpage. The diet is geared at reducing bodily inflammation in a variety of ways.  Basically you cut out most of anything good :)  and spend 30 days eating meats, vegetables, and fruit. There are a few extras in the mix but that is gist of things.  

The authors arguments are that seed products and dairy products have a high incidence of throwing your body off hormonally and linked to imflamation (something I have felt was huge throughout my weight-loss).  they argue that these two items are strongly linked to something they call 'leaky gut'  your intestinal system getting irritated and leaving your system susceptible to harmful enzymes and 'things' getting into your blood stream.  

The authors discuss the link between some of the foods we eat and behavioral changes that set us up to have unhealthy relationships with food. Finally they talk about nutritional density (something lapbanders are really supposed to attend to).  I have just gotten to the part of the book that shifts from what I should not eat and why to the part about what I should eat and why.

 So far the book has been really good.  Most of the stuff fits with all of the research David (hubby) has been doing over the last two years on diet and nutrition.  It fits with the advice I was given by my band surgeon.  It fits with just plain old good nutrition.  Best of all..I have dabbled with it just a little for breakfast (I will start the thing whole hog next week after I finish the book).  Just sharing a scrabbled egg and a few pieces of fruit with Grace in the morning instead of having just a frapp or other drink has had a HUGE impact on my appetite and how I feel in the mornings.

Sooo..I recommend the book thus far.  Has anyone heard of it? have you tried the diet?  Do you want to give it a whirl with me?  I have a feeling I will need some moral support.  I already have a commitment from David and Grace...They are going to give it a whirl too.


Bunny said...

co-morbidities can come back???!!!


Bloody hell it's just not fair is it! My feet swell a lot, and that was one sucker that I was hoping to drop along with my fat.


Gunnna have a cry.

But, the diet sounds good. currently reading The Imortal Life of Henrietta Lack about that cell thing at John Hopkins but might give your diet book a go after :-)


Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

The diet info sounds great, but...There's always a but! I'm not a doctor, but I think you should see a cardiologist and be evaluated for Peripheral Aterial Disease. One of my best friends is a cardiologist, he says that millions are treated every year for swelling in the ankles and feet with diuretics and it's just a band-aid on a bigger problem. A simple procedure can clear a blockage and restore blood flow eliminating pain and swelling. An ultrasound is all it takes to diagnos it. My sister-in-law just had hers done, for 20 years she's been suffering with swelling in just one ankle, a 20 minute procedure and now she's doing great! Good luck!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

*Arterial....can't spell!

Tina said...

Holy Moly..Theresa..what did they do for your sister? I once went in at my heaviest and he just said it was shot valves from pregnancy (didn't mention the weight although at the time I though he was a big chicken for not saying so). If there is some quick thing I would LOVE to know about it.


Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Tina, the procedure is done in the Cath lab, it's not completely without risk, but they run a catheter through the artery in your groin and clear the blockage in your leg. They have a screen that catches the plaque or whatever it is and it restores the blood flow to the legs. The releif is immediate. My sister-in-law said the worst part is that you have to wear a compression hose for a few weeks after, but then after that, you're good to go. Anyway, it's worth a trip to a vein center in your area to get evaluated and see if that's what the problem is. My friend's practice is about 1/2 now doing this type of procedure. He said that it is so fulfilling, people who were unable to walk unassisted are just immediately better! Get thee to a doctor. And thanks for your comment on my blog. It's Hell to get old! But at least we're in good company, LOL!

Sandy said...

Is the swelling worse because you are on your feet at the shop all,day? I agree with Theresa--nothing wrong with having it checked out. I'm still on high BP pills so not everything goes away. And my cholesterol skyrocketed. But just think how worse things would have been with over 100 pounds ago. Hope you find out something soon.

Also I hadn't heard of,that book but truly believe the less processed food we eat the worse we feel. I think I might do a post on that one day. But do whatever works for you.