Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lifes Little Pleasures

My friend Caroline has an absolutely wonderful blog topic today.  She of course does hers much more eloquently as she is one heck of a writer. She has inspired me to do a much shortened version over here at my space.  What are your top ten life's little pleasures?  add your blog link to the comments so others can go look!

1.  Clean sheets-right out of the dryer in the Winter and right off the line in the summer.
2. finding a knitting pattern and casting on stitches for a new project.
3. Waking up with my cat at my feet and realizing I have another hour I can sleep.
4. Sitting with friends and having a good chat (this usually  involves coffee, wine, or some other beverage and sometimes knitting).
5.  Coming home from work (or in my case upstairs) and finding that someone else has cleaned the kitchen.
6.  The anticipation of boarding an airplane headed off for a fine vacation.
7. checking in on your blog during the day and seeing that there are comments.
8. Picking a bouquet of flowers out at the farmer's market.
9. Seeing the glint of understanding and excitement in someone's eyes and face when you help them 'get' the math or knitting or crocheting :)
10. Waking up to sunshine.


Lonicera said...

Tina, aren't you kind!! Thank you so much. I agree with you on most of yours (except perhaps the crafts ones, since I haven't learned most of these skills), particularly chatting with friends over coffee or a glass of wine, and finding comments on my blog. Bliss!
It would be absolutely wonderful if it inspires other bloggers to give us their lists.
Thanks again.

Ronnie said...

Oh my. These should be posted somewhere public. They're all fantastic things. :)

Sandy said...

Love the idea. Been to both blogs and have to put on my thinking cap for a post like this. Thanks.