Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Detox Hell

The venting bit:
I started the 'It Starts With Food" 30 day detox diet.  I am in 24 hours and it SUCKS!!  The headache appeared last night right around bedtime.  I still have it this morning.  David (nice guy that he is) brought me in a cup of home-brew, supposedly the good stuff, plain with no milk or sugar tea this morning.  It tasted like acid bath.

After drinking about 1/4 of a cup of the vile stuff I brought the rest downstairs and dumped it.  We are going to have to find someplace that sells our good tea again.  Safeway used to have some called Revolution black tea.  It was the only place we had found it.  Now they have every funk-i-doodle kind except black.

Breakfast.  David was going to make some home-made mayo but clearly forgot.  I cracked open two boiled eggs..damn cannot put butter on them (no dairy) so extra virgin olive oil it is- with salt and pepper.  I did this and discovered that extra virgin olive oil is not very good on boiled eggs :(.  I have left half of it.

Now that I have that off my chest:

1.  I amazed that one can feel so crappy so quickly on this detox gig.  For goodness sake you would think I am giving up something vital (Ok..perhaps I once considered a frapp vital but come on..meat, fruit and veg?  It shouldn't be this hard.

2.  Yesterday's food:  Breakfast:  Tea (my last tea bag of the good stuff), 6 macadamia nuts and a handful of blueberries.  Lunch:  sliced pan fried apples with unsweetened applesauce in an omelet. Snack: 6 macadamia nuts, 6 olives, fruit and coconut milk smoothie (1/4 cup coconut milk, handful of blueberries, 1/2 a banana and plenty of ice).  Dinner: oven slow roasted chicken with mushrooms, carrots and orange peppers.  Snack: handful of blueberries and macadamia nuts.   I tried to drink more water but it didn't go down easy (I am a baby without artificial sweetener or sugar obviously).

3.  The scale:  down 2.5 pounds this morning.  Maybe it will be enough to keep my head in this game?

4.  Small Tina victory:  I actually walked into Starbucks and ordered an acceptable drink:  unsweetened Tazo Passion tea (a big one).  I don't know if it has caffeine and it is not the mouth bursting flavor loving chocolate and mint thingy I am used to but...I am drinking it.


Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Wow! You're doing great, keep it up. I need to do the same!

JRD said...

Tina, I work at Stbx, and the Passion tea is herbal - therefore, no caffeine! Hopefully that helps! I think you're doing great...

Ronnie said...

Great job, Tina - you won't regret doing it! And around day 4 you'll wake up and feel AWESOME.

You should ask Safeway to stock your tea again, if they know people are buying it they're likely to order it. :)

Andrea said...

Make some clarified butter and use that for your eggs. It tastes awesome.

Drink lots of water. Yeah, plain water. Or go into new seasons and get some Hint water. It's not the same as coffee... but after a few weeks you get used to drinking water.

The first week SUCKS. It really does. It DOES get better. Read the ingredients on everything and make sure it's ok. If you're eating small amounts of sugar it takes a lot longer before you start feeling better.

You CAN do this. :D Read the forums on the website, there are some other people who are in similar situations and have done great on the whole 30. You may need to eat more small meals instead of the recommended 3, and that's ok.