Sunday, May 23, 2010


The scale is a funny beast. I am eating next to nothing and it has moved one measly pound. I know it is probably building up momentum for the big drop (eventually) but it is so maddening when it is happening.

This has become a pattern and just in case it works this way with you I thought i would throw it out here for you all to think about.

I get a fill. I get all excited because there is a very noticeable drop in the quantity of food I eat. Then there is a stall...while I wait for the drop in calories to register with my fat burning machine (I do not know the anatomy at all!!). Finally after a week or two the machine wakes up and recognizes that it has not been getting the calories it is used to and starts pumping off the pounds. Since last Tuesday the slow-man has been at the machine...he has allowed one measly pound go. I am hoping for a machine shop shift change :) so that the young machine operator will come on and get a move on with my weight loss.

In the past I have played this waiting game and then viola...about a week in the weight just starts piling off. 2 pounds in one day, then 2 pounds more the next etc. Usually these weight loss periods last for just under 10 pounds and then I hang up for ages. I then either need another fill or something will trigger a break through and the loss will go on again for another 5 to 10 pounds.

So for this post-fill weight loss run I have started at 189 and am hoping for a loss of 10 pounds before I have a rest period. I hope it continues to work the same way as it has in the past.

In my non-weight loss obsessed life have been a bit busy working on knitting projects, starting to go to a few meetings for my now confirmed job at a nearby University and preparing a speech for a conference I was invited to speak at (my first expenses paid speaking engagement..wahoo). The conference is in Mexico City so if anyone has any words of cation, fun stuff to see or overall traveling to Mexico advice do let me know.



Jacquie said...

I go for my second fill on 6/7. It was supposed to be last Wednesday but we know how that week went! I hope my fills work like yours. I can use a drop at this point.

Enjoy Mexico City. I am sure it will be safe and fun!

Jacquie said...

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. You and the rest of this community has been a "virtual" Godsend.

Barbara said...

Interesting theory, but I can understand how this would work.. the body really does a catch up mode.. drop in carbs, drop in calories, drop in weight.. I am not a physiologist.. but there certainly can be a science..
The key here is that we all lose in different ways.. as long as we are not losing lean muscle mass. what ever works.. WORKS!!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

I love your desciotion of how your fills work. I will try to be more observant after my next one :)

Roo said...

As long as the scales are going down is the main thing...and as time goes on and our metabolic rate drops it is slower to lose..unfortunately.... We all want to see the numbers drop fast, but sometimes the body needs to catch up! You are doing so well and with persistance it will continue....I have never been to Mexico City but a friend just spent a few weeks in Mexico and loved it...and an all expenses paid trip is even better! Enjoy it!

THE DASH! said...

This all sounds familiar. And you're lucky you're losing a pound lol talk about slow this end. Ack. The lower we get, the harder it is to lose the rest of this weight.

Justine said...

That's really interesting to read; I shall bear it in mind if that's what happens to me now that my band seems to be at a good restriction.
Re Mexico City: if you are into museums, the National Museum of Anthropology is well worth a visit.
There's a hop-on, hop-off Tourist Bus (Turibus, I think) that you can take to the museum, which also takes you on a huge loop round the City and gives you a great overview of the place. Be prepared for a looooong drive though as the traffic in Mexico City can be horrendous (take a book for the not-so-exciting stuck in a traffic jam moments!)
Have a great trip; we had four days there in 2008 and really enjoyed it.