Monday, May 10, 2010

Damn, Damn, Damn and Sunshine Remembrance

I had an appointment today to get the long debated and then wanted fill. Well I stupidly remembered that my appointment was 1pm. Apparently I had it wrong and the actual appointment was at 11:40. I missed it by just under and hour as I was early for the one I thought i had. I missed it sooo badly that the doctor had already gone home for the day. Damn Damn and double damn.

I went to work and did my teaching jag and then home to do a face plant headlong into snacks, dinner and after dinner. I ate not almost 1/2 a sandwich, not 1/2 a sandwich no I ate almost one whole sandwich eeek!!! I am even now hungry again a mere hour and 1/2 after eating said sandwich.

Portland was sunny this weekend and as a result life was wonderful :) My oldest daughter and grandson were sick so the daughter cooked dinner that was planned got postponed until next week (wahoo an extension to the mothers day celebration).

On Saturday after i finished teaching I went with David and Grace to pick out the rest of my tomato plants. I now have 5-cherry, a red beefsteak one, a green zebra, a yellow one and a purple. My dinners this summer are going to be like an Italian flag. A few years ago I spend the summer reading Under the Tuscan sun and ended up cooking Italian for the whole summer from my garden. I hear there is a sequel out that I will have to read and be re-inspired from.

On Sunday-I was awoken by Cinda (number 3 daughter) with a Starbucks skim peppermint mocha, no whip while I still was in bed (as good a breakfast as any bandster would want). David sent Grace in with a British cook book and my file of recipes to have me pick out a treat for him to whip up. I picked homemade maple bars that I heard about from my mom and aunts (my grandma used to make them). He made a batch (enough to feed us and our neighbors) and they were every bit as delicious as was said. I then spent the rest of the day building a raised bed for my herbs and planting up my pots.

Overall a great weekend that caused me to relax too much I think-as my calendar went to pot in a big way. I missed a meeting on Sunday (time zones etc.) and then my doctors appointment today. I swear If my head weren't attached i would have forgotten it as well!!!

Happy Monday...


THE DASH! said...

Oops that was clever - not lol mixing up the times. That said: tell me one person alive who hasn't done that before (my hand is up!)
You're getting your garden organised. I was just telling MOTH this morning.. "Must send a picture of my cactus flowering when its finished. This flower is MASSIVE.. and last time one of our cactus's flowered, it killed the plant lol. Sucked the life right out of it.

THE DASH! said...

Meant to say: send a picture to you.. of my flowering cactus. Jeez Louise.. one of those days! xx

Roo said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely Mother's Day weekend. I hope you have been able to reschedule the fill...I have done that before (turned up on the wrong day!).

Jen from Oregon said...

Dang! I hate when I do that (re: appointment time) I now have to set reminders in my blackberry for everything!
It was sure a beautiful weekend!!!
We are back to rain here in Southern OR.
I'm working on a new gas station in Aloha, OR... my part where I will be up there is not until July (I order all the inside equipment, like hot foods case, soda machines, all the graphics and menu boards) Are you near there at all? It would be fun to say hi!

Jennifer said...

Oh man! I did that two weeks ago. I hope you can get back in quickly so you can let me know how it goes for you. :) Glad you had a nice Mothers Day!!

Debi said...

I hear you on messing up times! If I don't write down what I want to do, buy, or appointments, etc. I will forget!!!

We will be in Portland in late September, hoping to get to meet up for lunch or a treat!