Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bike Love and Back Down

Last night Grace and I conquered a bike route that I have up to this point been too chicken to do. It involved not nearly as many miles as I would have liked (why do these things always seem way further than reality) but with hills and scary traffic we were quite pooped by the time we finished.

The route was about 5 miles up 4 fairly long inclines and next to a crud-load of traffic at rush hour. Now normally I would be scared to death to let my 8 year old out on the road to the mercy of the beasts behind the wheel. Our little trial run last week convinced me that she could stay between the bike lane lines and listen when I said go or stop. She is doing really well! My only worry is that indoctrinating her into this riding on the road freedom will make her decide to sneak out sometime and go for her own little solitary adventure (hmm perhaps I tended to do things like this and am projecting my own naughtiness on my child??).

After we finished most of the route I took Grace to the pub (where I usually go for a bike ride vodka and Orange reward). Well I could hardly pound a drinky in front of my 8 year old so we had dinner instead. Ok really I have been craving fish and chips for weeks and I was using the exercise as an excuse. I ate my single piece of fish and two fries. The rest went into my bike jacket back pocket and brought it home for David's return from his night class.

I even rode with no hands down the big hill into the neighborhood with my leftovers looking like a growth on my back...I love my Bike!!!

The scale this morning was back to 190.2....I am good with that.


Ali said...


that sounds like a great bike ride! I LOVE biking too and finding good routes/places. That is awesome that your daughter went with you. I usually go alone and am fine with that (its a little solitude in my day), but sometimes my 22 yo goes with me, when she is home.

Hope you have many more good rides this summer.

amandakiska said...

You are a super-stud! I love my bike too. I've got 19 miles in this week. I am shooting for 20!

My oldest daughter (9 in February) rides with me on busy roads all the time. She listens really well and has been riding like this for about 3 years so I trust that her judgment is pretty good. My youngest still rides on the hitchhiker bike when we go on rides. She's 7. She does have her own bike and knows how to ride it, but she complains a lot so it is just easier - lol!

Sandy Lee said...

Sounds like a great time, especially mom/daughter time. I'd be scared riding in traffic. I wanted to let you know I tried your salmon cakes tonight ( and they were superb. I like them without potato so this was a perfect recipe. I'll try fresh herbs next time because I forgot and had to use dried parsley.

Tina said...

thanks Sandy...It is weird but I actually like cooking now and think about ideas for recipes much more than I ever did before the band.