Monday, May 24, 2010

It's The Little Things

Linda will be attending the BOOBS event with me in September. She will keep Drazil and any other non-surgical people company as she lost 90 pounds sans the band. She will also be my roomie and provide me with plate cleaning services :) haha.

Last night my friend Linda and I went to the Bare Naked Ladies Concert. Over the past 10 years we have gone to 4 BnL concerts all of them excellent but this is the first one post weight-loss. This concert was quite a bit different not because the show was better (even though I have to say it was). Nope-it was the little things that had a big impact on the evening for me.

Little thing number one-before the concert we walked 1/2 way across town to seek out a pre-concert drink. In the past we would have paid the stupidly high prices in the concert hall for a drink and sat around waiting for the concert to start or alternatively gone out to eat dinner. We wandered around the empty Sunday streets of Portland until we found the Rock Bottom Brewery. She had a Southern Comfort and 7-up (tastes like Pimms and 7-up really) and I had vodka and Orange Juice. We chitty-chatted a little bit and then wandered back to the auditorium where the pre-show was about to start.

Little thing number two-As is common when the Ladies came on stage everyone stood up and there we remained for most of the concert. In the past my legs would have hurt, my hips would have hurt. I would have gotten tired of standing and would have spent a considerable amount of time during the concert thinking about how stupid I would look if i just sat down for a song. This time...I frankly preferred standing up. Now my back-side gives out sooner than my hips and legs. The only lure in that seat was that it fit so nicely. There was plenty of leg room on either side as well as in front for leg crossing that I still find joy in every time I loop my leg around. but..back to standing... We stood through most of the concert and danced and sang to the talented guys (whose concert by the way was WAY better than the new CD and the CD is pretty good). I have decide the Ladies are definitely a band that should be seen live when the opportunity comes along.

I will add pictures when I get them from Linda-apparently all of my accidental picture taking with my cell-phone in no way prepared me to actually take a picture when I wanted to. I could not figure the dang thing out! She has a fancy shmancy I-phone and knew how to make the camera thing work. The pictures will likely be bad because of poor lighting but when I get them I will share them warts and all.


Nella said...

Love the Barenaked Ladies! Good Ol Canadian Boys! Sounds like it was a fun night!!

THE DASH! said...

Wow - great NSV's. Sounds like the concert was fun. Oh I have a 'autumn' pic coming up for you too. My cactus out front has grown this ENORMOUS pointy flower up the middle. Just waiting for it to flower fully and will get a shot for you. I know you love garden stuff. xxx

amandakiska said...

Sounds so fun, Tina! I am jealous about Chicago. I haven't given up all hope yet, but it will be an amazing feat at this point. Still if I can figure it out, I am hoping to get the same flights as you guys.

Drazil said...

YAY - another person to help me eat all you little bird-eaters leftovers!

Drazil said...

YAY - another person to help me eat all you little bird-eaters leftovers!

Gen said...

Tina - thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. And do you really have your answers for the SOB Blog???? AWESOME! I know I totally dropped the ball. If you have them ready, would you mind emailing to Thanks so much! Send your before and afters too (as few or as many as you like!)