Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh What a Day I Had

A lovely day today in Sunny Portland. I just wanted to hop on to share some love with you all.

Today I went for a second consult with a plastic surgeon. Then did a bit of shopping...ohh I will share. Then just before bedtime I was given word that the little grant I worked on a couple of weeks ago was funded and I am really actually going to get the job I was hoping for (still a bit of finger crossing needed but I have been called for a meeting about it next week)...

Ok..the plastic surgeon. The office was in a new and super swanky building. It was VERY intimidating to me. There were very skinny women with taught faces and high and tight boobs wandering in and out saying hello to the receptionist by her first name like they were 'regulars in the pub'. ...eeeekkk.

I went back and the very young plastic surgeon showed me some pictures. Looked at my gut and basically conveyed in a very subtle way that she couldn't wait to get her hands on my hangy skin. She also recommended a body lift. They took pictures and then I was walked over the accounts office for a discussion of how much this would cost. $14,000 dollars is how much. Although this seems to be a bit more than the other consultation it isn't. We have since found out that the slap dash accounts girl just wrote down the surgeons fee not how much the actual operating room and recovery would cost. This is about the same or even a little less I think.

I suggested to David that I would live with my hangy downy stomach awhile if he wanted to go and get lapband surgery but he thinks I should see this through first. Basically he is jumpy about the surgery I think. He has never gone under the knife before and it bugs him (he is the squeamish sort). He hates it when I go into gory details about how my belly button could become infected and need to be removed and how I would have four drains that he would have to empty (he turned all white and pasty after that)...hehe. So over the next few days we are going to check the finances and project how long it will take to save up, sell stock or get a loan out to put the cash together. check---exciting thing number one.

After a quick run to pick up Grace and school my friend and I went to the Columbia employee store to shop for a skirt that I tried on at the full price store and passed over last Sunday. Sure enough they had it but at more than half price (wahoooo). The friend was given a pass and I lucked out enough to tag along. I got a dress (pic will be uploaded at the end of this post), two of said skirts, some yoga pants to replace my sad saggy bottom ones and two shirts. I also got a pair of summer sandals (I used to be size nine-these are an 8). I tried on a pair of board shorts that fit in a size 12!!!!!!! I almost bought them but they were a tad to expensive even at the employee rate. Check----Exciting thing number 2

Why is it that ones body and face never look good at the same time in pictures? I cropped this one because the dress did not look very good and need to cut my head off the one below :)

I will try and fix this tomorrow-I am hopeless with pictures. I need to learn how to crop and put more than one beside each other.
I called and made an appointment for a fill after my breakfast blow out--they can get me in on MOnday. Wahoooo Number 3

It was warm and sunny....always worth a great THANK YOU Summer is not far off....Exciting thing number 4.

This evening at 10pm as I sat on my computer wasting time I got the job email.....a nice rounding off to an awesome awesome wonderful day.


THE DASH! said...

Girl, you're looking good! great pics.. rest of the day sounded busy xxx

Lonicera said...

You sound full of the joys of spring! Wow the surgery is expensive, more than the lapband - and I must admit I'm not crazy about the idea of an infected belly button... Perhaps it's fortunate that I have plenty of time to think about it.
Like the pics, one can really see the difference.

Jacquie said...

Looking good and all good news!

Linda said...

You look great! I'm sure the PS is a big decision.
Congrats on the grant!

Drazil said...

Good luck. I did a post on my tummy tuck a while back with pictures and Band Babe just had one if you want/need more info!

Tina said...


Actually over here the lapband is $18000 so it is a bit more. I was lucky and had insurance cover it but David probably would have to pay out of pocket. I had high blood pressure, leg swelling issues and some asthma plus over 100 to lose. He is a lightweight compared to me and doesnt have any comorbidities.

Drazil-I read your posts but need to go over and read band babe's information. I have to say yours made me pause about the muscle tightening. The surgeon yesterday said it was the most uncomfortable part as well. She said she would skip it if i wanted but why not get the best results possible.


Anonymous said...
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Lap Band Gal said...

Thanks for the post on my blog today, I'm in Medford, so not too close to you, but still an Oregonian :)