Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Got 'The Talk'

I just got back from my fill appointment. I am another .5cc's full and feeling it a bit already. waaahooooo-long may it last.

At first My doctor thought the computers were down so he was going to have to just go for it. His nurse came in and checked-finding them working. My surgeon pulled up my chart and read a bit. I told him I wanted to try for the 25 pounds I have to reach the normal range and that is when he said, "Oh..now do we need to have the talk about unrealistic expectations?" He then looked over my weightloss history and said, "you have done really well with this band".

I responded with "I would be happy from here on out if I never lost another pound but I wanted to give it a try and reach for the normal body fat range."

He reiterated, "99% of my health benefits had already been met".

I countered with, "I consulted a plastic surgeon and she wants me to have a stable weight before I move forward".

He then said that "I could carry on losing little bits at least until your second year anniversary".

I told him that I was planning on giving it a good try until next December before I schedule anything and he agreed that would be a good plan.

Then...tadaaaaa....he gave me my fill (after checking that I did not have any acid reflux or trouble eating or vomiting). We tried standing up and failed so he had me lay down (after I got dizzy again) and popped the needle right in wahooo...Two cups of water later I was out the door with his usual..take it easy and test things a bit before Friday so if you need to come in for an unfill we can do it in the office.

I haven't eaten anything yet but am planning on a skim peppermint mocha in an hour or two and then am going out to dinner with friends to Chinese food. Goodness knows if I will be able to eat anything but I will be super duper careful that is for sure.

The doctor also gave me a copy of my fill and weights for the first 6 months after I was banded. I can now fill in my spread sheet with more information. I will share when I get the data in and marked.


LDswims said...

So very cool. Sounds like a good talk - you had your point and you got it across! :) Keep on keepin on...it's all gravy from here, eh?

Lonicera said...

It'll be interesting to know if it's perfect or overfill... keep us posted. (I'm still trying to like the sound of peppermint mocha...)

Barbara said...

That sounds like a really good exchange with the doctor and he listened to the patient.. hope this fill does the trick and get you into the BMI range you want.. you are already normal in my book..

Catherine55 said...

I'm having a different reaction to your doctor's comments -- I don't know why he's trying to act like it's unrealistic that you'll get to the normal range. There is no reason whatsoever that you won't be able to get there if you are working your band! Lots of bandsters hit that range, and I am sure you will too!

Sandy Lee said...

I say go for it. We know our bodies and if you want to try they should be encouraging. Glad you got the fill and hope it works.

Colls said...

I agree with Catherine, you CAN do it. It is not something that should be questioned. I think that your doctor should have been on board at the beginning of the conversation. That is why we have the band, so that we can go as far as possible. I mean 163 is not an unrealistic number, in my opinion anyway! <3