Friday, May 7, 2010

Cereal Love

I gave up cereal for the band :). I did so out of tight morning-itis. I did so because I could never work out how to eat the stuff...liquid and solids mixed. Given the band rules I would have to drink the milk first and then eat the not soggy enough cereal after. It was frankly difficult to get down whether i tried to mix the milk and cereal per bite or even separate the two.

I did try the occasional night time snack of shredded wheat left to go really soggy in my coffee mug (I eat it out of a mug to control my portion). Well the last time I had shredded wheat was several months ago as a night time snack. This morning I got up out of bed and tadaaaaaaaa ate cereal.

I woke up today feeling dizzy. I'm not sure what the deal is. I hope it is an indication that I am about to drop another shed load of weight (I am killing myself with delusion here). Usually I get up and the only thing I am interested in is some source of caffeine and a drink. Today I weaved (wove?) like a drunken person to the pantry cupboard and pulled out a bag of golden puffs (puffed rice with a golden sugar coating). I poured a whole cup into a very large coffee mug splashed on a cup of milk and viola....I ate it. I only had to pause once while it slipped merrily through my band.

I am still a little dizzy. Dizzy with old pre-band gluttony joy!! :) haha


THE DASH! said...

Oh yum. That cereal sounds delicious. I just finished two weet-bix myself smothered in honey and made soggy with a bit of hot water and milk. Even that was a struggle at the beginning. Fingers crossed you drop that shit load of weight. xxx

Fiona said...

tight morningits sucks! I can only tolerate liquids until about noon. Today I ate scrambled egg at lunchtime and havent been able to eat since. Boo.
Do you have any tips? Oh and I never considered the problem of cereal being both a solid and a liquid. Does that count for soup too?