Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another pound...I Love This Band!!!

I am down at the top edge of 211 today (211.8) but as you may or may not recall I round down for each pound I lose. I wait until the scale ticks below the next marker. The consequence of this is that I might have a wait a while to count the next pound gone but on the good side this method minimizes some of the up and down angst I have always had with the scale.

I have said this before but will share it again as I really feel it has contributed to my sanity this time around. I weigh every day right after I wake up and just after I do my morning bladder empty (if i can empty more I do but that is not so common first thing). I then walk back in my birthday suit to the scale and get on. If I am down I count it if I am the same or up I ignore it (ok I try to ignore it). When I am down I get my morning caffeine (either tea or diet coke) and sit down at my computer and update my ticker. It is a new post-band brain groove I have gotten into and I like it. The band of course makes the down days much more frequent than they have ever been in the past. I have had almost 2 months with no movement even post band though so there has to be something more to this numbers game than just the band. Whatever the cause I am happy to have finally after more than 30 years of dieting figured out a system that is working and can't wait to see what the next months bring. Success is just at the end of my fingertips and I am reaching for all I am worth at this point.


Linda said...

Tina I just noticed your total amount lost on your ticker - almost 100 pounds, that's amazing. I'm glad you're in such a good place with your band.

The Dash! said...

You are doing so amazingly... I too looked at your ticker and you've lost almost 100 pounds. GO YOU!!!!
Like Linda, I'm glad this band is finally kicking that weight back down again - it's such a guessing game sometimes but when we are coasting - well life is good. Congrats :)