Monday, December 7, 2009

Catching Up

I came home from my business trip and immediately went back to work on grouting the bathroom we have been remodeling. Last year at this time I would not have been able to do observations all day, drive 4 hours home and then go right back to work doing home-fix it. I would have come home. Crashed on the couch and probably taken a nap! This time I had energy to spare. I do not think there is a better feeling on this earth than that!

I said that I would report on the muscle milk I bought during my trip...Sorry I do not know what flavor my fellow bandsters are drinking but the vanilla flavor I was able to buy at Walmart was the most vile tasting stuff on the planet! It tasted like mold. I checked the date thinking it had gone bad but no it was a year in range. I tried to pass it off to one of my daughters thinking that my taste buds were just too sensitive but she agreed with me that the drink was not good.

This is a problem as the Jamba juice that was once located right near my office at the university went out of business. My office-mate and I decided to cut out for a little protein drink and walk the other day and it was just sign in the window no warning ahead. Very strange and difficult as I had begun to rely on the Jamba juice to get me through my work days without reverting back to my old McDonalds habit.

We spent most of the weekend working on the little bathroom and attempting a clean out in the garage (not much success as we missed the dump hours). I am hoping to get the plumber in tomorrow to install a small pedestal sink and toilet. As I have finally figured out how to install my own pictures from the camera I will for sure be sharing pictures when it is done. While I am at it I will throw in some more ones of the house as it is looking very good if I do say so myself.

Finally I am adding a poll. Our house in for sale right now and we are in a quandary. Do we decorate the house for Christmas or not? We live in a mixed area with several populations that do not celebrate Christmas. If we decide to decorate how much? How little? It would be easier not too but quite boring I think.


The Dash! said...

Who's a busy little bee this week lol.. sounds like things are going 100 miles an hour.. but then again, when isn't it.. argh!

The Dash! said...

Hey Tina,
Thanks for the hints with the Christmas present dilemma.. you actually came up with some great ideas.. I think a nerf gun for Mason would be great because I know his grandmother got his younger brother one and they can have nerf fights! I am looking into the rocket one too.. what a smart little chicklett you are!!! Much appreciated :)

Debi said...

Well, personally I love Christmas Decorations. But it is a fine line when you are setting a house up for sale. Since it is the Holidays, I think that some tastefully done decorating is called for.

You don't have to go overboard so that it offends or turns away buyers that are not into Christmas, but is nice for those that are! Just my two cents!