Friday, December 18, 2009


My band tightness has eased off a little but I am definitely on the edge of it. I am going to stick it out and forgo any of the foods that are risky (pasta, ground meats, Prunes :)). Operation exercise is still underway. On Tuesday and Wednesday I rode my bike. Wednesday was a shorter ride but up two nasty hills. I did have to walk one. my backside and legs were really sore Wednesday night. They were so bad that I woke up several times in the middle of the nice with pain spasms. I decided that on Thursday I would walk instead. I got an invitation from a couple of friends who walk everyday and tagged along. They go 3 miles...should be no problem. Directly after this I went shopping all day. Well today I can barely walk!! I think it is a combination of the three days catching up with me. I have taken an Aleve and am hoping that it will help.

Today is Grace's school play and celebration dinner. She got the lead as Anansi the spider. The feast, plays and songs are arranged around and international theme. I think this year is Africa but I'm not entirely sure because I have been told we are eating pasta?...well I'm not eating it as this is off my eating menu for a while. After the play we are having some family friends over for dinner and gift exchange. The house is not very clean and I have lots to do (including chase down one last gift).

The scale was my friend this morning and finally dropped down by another pound! Now 4 pounds to go until 100 pounds lost. I might just have to bring my scale to my parents house for Christmas. I don't want to miss it when I finally get there.


Bunny said...

4 teeny pounds!!! thats SO AMAZINGLY COOL. not long now matey!

Lonicera said...

Fantastic Tina, what a lot you've lost!! You make me laugh about taking your scales with you, I'm just the same (and hunt around for a hard flat surface to put them on, then gingerly try them one foot at a time, and blame any changes on the fact that they've been moved...)

Yana said...

Wow, Tina...almost 100 pounds?!

That is amazing. I am so impressed.

Can you do a post when you hit 100 about how you work your band? I would love to see.

Debi said...

100 lbs is fantastic & to be only 4 lbs away is sooo close!! I'm sure you will get there by Christmas or New Years at the latest!