Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just when I Was Getting Cocky!

Ok just to knock me down a peg or two. I bought clothes without trying them on.

I am away on a two day business trip to the other side of Oregon again. On my way over I stopped off at a Walmart store for a little shopping. While there picking up the food to eat while I am over here (no thoughts of it as I left the house today) I took a circle through the regular sized department (i refused to look at the large size department). Walmart had a ton of cute t-shirts and a pair of shorts made by Danskin. Well being the cocky 'skinny' girl that I am I picked up two sized extra large tshirts and a pair of sized extra large shorts without trying them on. Welll...I know..stupid duhhhh.

The shorts fit fine around me but they are soooo short that my poor saggy legs sticking out the bottom looked like those of an special attention to the really wrinkly bit up by where the elephant leg meets up with his know that upper thigh area...

yep..the elephant leg looks less wrinkly and saggy.

One layered look shirt was so tight that my arms had rolls and it dug into my side fat. The second shirt was thinner and with medium length short sleeves. It fits on the tight side but is not a total write off like the shorts and other shirt are.

Back to the the other purposes for my stop-

I get wicked neck aches when I drive for long periods back to back. Yesterday my 30 minute commute to Grace's school plus some shopping turned my driving and shopping combination to 2 hours. On Monday I drove my 1.5 hour each way commute to my university and then today it was 3.5 hours to my hotel and tomorrow will be driving around the region from school to school. Needless to say I needed drugs to combat the neck pain. I have found that Alieve helps with this problem. My band poses a problem, however. I am now tight enough that I worry about pills getting stuck in my pouch. Last week when I had this neck pain problem I chewed the pills I took from my dad in my mouth but the taste is not very good and the medicine got caught in my teeth. So I stopped and got some of my own tonight and a pill crusher to save my poor teeth the aftertaste. I talked to the pharmacist about the problem and asked her if the gel caps would help me. She said that I was probably much better using a crushed pill than gelcaps because the coating would take a while to dissolve.

While at Walmart I also got a few protein bars. Every so often I try out some new brands because I have gotten tired of my twisted protein bars. I like them but they get boring after a while. I picked up a couple of other brands and will let you know if they are any good. I also bought a 4-pack of muscle milk. I think one of you said you among the blogs I read or who follow me said they liked them. I am giving them a try and will keep you posted if I can choke them down.

Finally I bought some of my baby belle cheeses a small baguette a box of prunes (a girl has to get fiber sometimes), some Diet Coke, OK and you got me..a box of red vines out of naughtiness. I have not opened the box yet. My dinner consisted of two cheeses and a small ripped off piece of bread. I am still full and I ate them at 8pm. I chased the cheese and bread with a prune about 30 min. ago. I think that will be it for me tonight.


Debi said...

Hi Tina,

I found you by accident. I was reading one of the blogs that I have been following, (Metamorphic Journey). In your comment, you advised her to watch out for damaging her Port.

I am afraid that I may have done just that! I don't want to go into too much detail here as it would take up too much space. Could I bother you to check out my site & read my post entitled, "Questions To Experienced Bandster's"?

I am not trying to get you to follow me, but since you went through what I fear may have happened. If you could read my story & tell me if I have something to worry about. I would really appreciate it. I will definitely read your blog to find out what happened to you!

Thank You,
Debi "Hawaii Bound Bandster"

Lonicera said...

I still can't face going to buy myself clothes - I've decided to give it another 6 months. I was so set on jeans, and it felt like a wakeup call to see myself in the mirror of the changing room. Back to ebay for a while!