Sunday, December 13, 2009

Five Pounds Left

After 12 days of only up and down movement on the scale it finally shifted today. I am down to 209. I hope this is a decent run as I am only 5 pounds from my 100 pound loss.

It is laundry day and I dug to the bottom of my slacks drawer to find something to wear while the rest went into the washing machine. I pulled out a pair of slacks I bought to take to Germany with me back in October. They are 18W and they are way too big. I think it is time to cull my wardrobe again :) Christmas time is not really a good time of year to spend money on myself but I smell a good shopping spree in my future...woohooo.


Linda said...

Go Tina!! 5 pounds to such a huge goal. You deserve a little shopping.

The Dash! said...

OMG! How amazing - only five pounds till you hit 100 pounds down. You have done SO WELL! A huge congrats.

Debi said...

95 lbs in itself is fantastic, can't wait to hear that you made it to 100!!