Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Hate Cold Weather!!!

We are still under a freezing front. The temperatures have been moving up and down from the single digits to low 20's all week. Our cars are suffering. I woke up today on a mad and disorganized dash to travel back over the pass to Eastern Oregon and found that my tires were flat. Apparently cold weather causes them to deflate. I did not know that!!

Yesterday our truck (used by Cinda to go back and forth between university and home) started with plumes of white smoke and spewed liquid all over the ground. We think it is a radiator problem that was also caused by the cold.

I am thinner and have lost my one cozy parka of fat. I have been cold inside and outside. Right now my toes are freeeezzzing. Although I like the thinness the cold annoys me. I want to wear shorts and sandals all year long :) Does anyone have a spare room they can lend in a nice warm weather location????

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The Dash! said...

I do!! lol I have a room and it's beautiful here this time of year - 28 degrees (but warming up more .. eek) but that's what inside air conditioning is for... yay.. come stay!

I feel for you with the cold. I noticed it this winter too (and our winters are VERY mild compared to yours.. we whinge if it gets to 17 degrees lol)...I was cold ALL the time.. shivering, extra jumper.