Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Good Nothing Has Gone Bad

Life with the new Wii software has taken a nasty turn. Grace has spent several hours outside running in the snow and playing with the kids who always turn out for sledding on the hill right behind our house. This is a good thing. She is getting fresh air and exercise but after the outside play she (as well as others including myself) have spent the afternoon playing and ultimately getting frustrated with the Wii. I have just told her that if I hear one more complaint about the little guy falling off a cliff (apparently she is doing everything right!) I am going to kick her off the Wii for good. What happened to passive cartoon laden TV?


I have spent another day with all good intentions to start back to my job and get something accomplished but alas have spent time babysitting my grandson, napping, playing the @#$#$# Wii and mooching around on the computer getting nothing useful accomplished. My nothing is becoming the negative kind I am afraid. I wish someone would share some work motivation with me...Anyone???


Debi said...

Sorry Tina, I was forced to retire 3 yrs ago so I don't have that problem. However, I do have that problem at home & I do have motivational problems there!

I am trying as hard as I can myself motivated to finish our taxes! I have a deadline of Friday night!!

Have a great New Years Eve!!

THE DASH! said...

Well I have a little news - and while I'm not working out of the house yet (Cos I do my writing from home - all good!!) I have decided I am getting out there next year, 2010 and make it my year.

I'm going to do a carers course and look after the elderly!! There's a lot of this work around (compared to other jobs anyway) and I feel the time is right. My year is to 'focus' and that's what I'm going to do. There's going to be some big changes for us this year! Can't wait.

Tina said...

oh I envy you Debi-I want to retire badly :) With kids in college though I am going to have to wait until at least one of them is done.

Woohoo Cara-you go girl. Cinda my younger daughter is doing nursing at college and has done volunteering at hospice. She loves it. I think elder care would be cool.

I don't know why I am not more excited about my working prospects. I need someone to light a fire under me :) Ok maybe I need to do it myself!

chicroses said...

Hi, Dont feel bad I have done nothing all day almost. Oh I did paint 1 rose on a robin egg blue metal folding chair..Richland High school...Not sure if it will sell but in one of the magazines I seen some chippy old metal folding chairs around a table..well see.
I came down with a cold.Now I hear tomorrow well have a snow storm.Sandy and I usually go to WW but I dont think Ill be doing that.GGGGRRRR..wished I would have talked to cinda about her job with hospice..I admire her.I want a house keeper..when I start getting Railroad retirement next year I might get someone to come in twice a month..I just posted some pics on my blog of my xmas decor.Wished I was better at photography,placement and journaling..sally

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

Some times we need a day of doing nothing. Sometimes we can over plan our lives :)