Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Like a Spring

The scale launched back up to 211 today. Damned thing. How am I ever going to get that 100 pound thing if it refuses to cooperate like that :)

So in examining my behaviors (don't we all do this over and over again). I again need to confess that my liquid intake is appalling, my vitamins are not being taken and my protein levels just plain suck. I have not been on my bicycle since i went to San Francisco (the weather has been horrible and I have been LAZY!

Today-I will drink and I will get on the bike no matter how much rain is pouring down and ride the stinking thing. It has fenders so I do not have to fear a dirt bacon strip up my back.

Now having said that it is 9am, the family room is still dark because of the overcast weather. I have my gas fireplace on and the Christmas tree is lit. sigh..the picture of coziness and I really desire a nap.

so shall i shift or stay in my cozy cocoon of warmth and dim light. I will keep you updated.

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