Monday, December 28, 2009

The Joys of Nothing can be very bad when associated with money, food or water but today it was sheer pleasure. I had a little sleep in and then woke up and read some of the book I received for Christmas (Sue Grafton's U is for undertow).

I crawled out of bed around 10am when my oldest daughter came in with my grandson for a visit. We lounged around until noon while Grace and Grant played with a remote controlled spider (Christmas loot), stickle bricks and climbed on furniture. At lunchtime we went for a trip to the grocery store together.

I mentally planned a weeks worth of meals and commenced the grocery stocking. Fish and chips, steak, spaghetti, chicken stir fry, home-made pizzas, split pea soup, and chili. I have no order in mind but have the goods to complete each of these. I had the stir-fry fixins at home but with all the rest I got out of the store for $61.50. wooohoo gotta love a bargain day.

On our way home we stopped off at Starbucks for coffees and a nearby park for Grace to play while Grant napped in the car and Nichole (oldest daughter) and I drank our coffees and talked about our eternal life challenges :).

After a brief stop at the bank for Nichole to finish an errand we were back home for some late lunch and a chill. Nichole left to head home ahead of the traffic and Grace watched an old Shirley temple movie while i dozed under a snuggie with my feet tucked under her for warmth....another ahhhhhhh worthy afternoon.

I did get on the scale today and I gained 2 pounds over the last couple of weeks. I am still quite poofy from the travel, hard eating and drinking so I am not too concerned. I am ready to get this show on the road however and shake the remaining pounds to the 100 pounds loss mark quickly followed by the onederland goal. Today was a beautiful eating day as I wasn't hungry. I had a small cracker this morning two bits of laughing cow cheese with 4 crackers this afternoon and my starbucks coffee. We have left things late this evening and so I am about to shift myself into the kitchen to scrounge up some dinner (not sure which it will be) but i better hop to it before Grace turns into a beastly monster from food deprivation.

I hope you all are also getting some tranquility before the new year begins!


The Dash! said...

Hey Tina,

A couple of pounds is nothing - you can lose that through blinking!! Sounds like you had a nice time with the grandies and your daughters.. wish we had a Starbucks here - I am a coffee fiend.

Your friend
Cara xx

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day! Isn't being Grandmother grand?

film Girl said...

Life is great when you can sit back and enjoy the little things in life...Enjoy your time with your family!!!