Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Now Eat Less Than My 20 Month Old Grandson

Well the great prune removal did the trick and by dinner I was feeling OK. David (hubby) and I in a rare moment of collaboration cooked dinner together. He was the fry guy and I prepared beer batter and the fish. After he finished the fries I dropped in my fish. It was yummy and I managed to eat 1 3 inch by 1 inch by 1 inch strip of fish and 3 french fries. The best part is there was very little pain involved in eating it...phew..I have to say over the last couple of days I was beginnig to worry that I had done some damage.

Now don't think that I am a regular fry-up kind of girl. This was only the second time in my life I have attempted deep far frying. I do love fish and chips though (ever since my band this love has increased dramatically). I decided that since we were not eating out anymore that I might as well make them in. They did turn out well if I do say so myself.

Original Post

I have my grandson over today for a visit. My oldest daughter is taking her finals for school. For lunch I made a grilled cheese sandwich and split it. I put a prune on the side for me and about 6 corn chips. My grandson had the same only he also had a few segments of satsuma orange. Before starting I cut both of our half sandwiches into quarters. So I ate 1/4 of my sandwich and then ate about 3 corn chips and my prune. that was it. Done.....My grandson then proceeded to eat the rest of my corn chips, his corn chips, his half a sandwich and orange. He did not like the prune so I threw it away after he spent some time sliming it all over his plate.

I don't know if i would have been able to eat the remaining 1/4 sandwich if I had taken a pass on the cornchips but geeezzz this tight band of mine is really cutting into my eating portions again. I am sitting here after my measly lunch and feeling like I am going to need to PB. I have once already relieving myself of a little spit. Ok...just did it again. Hmm I am wondering if corn chips are not going to stay on my eating list! I have been super tight for the past few days and it is beginning to worry me. Now I have not made the best choices of food in the world given my tight state but I am going to report them regardless:

Sunday: Breakfast: no breakfast, lunch: 1/2 grilled cheese, snack-1 1/2 cup protein shake,1 cupcake. Dinner-1 cup chicken tortilla soup, 1/4 grilled cheese (part of my daughters meal ordered out). 1 small slice of french bread 2 Tbls. egg salad.

felt like nothing-seems like quite a lot looking at it all together.

Monday: Breakfast: 1/4 c egg salad. Lunch: nothing, Snack: skim mint mocha from Starbucks Dinner: 3.5 chicken nuggets. Evening snack: 100 calorie yogurt thingy.

Tuesday: Breakfast: nothing, Lunch: 1/4 grilled cheese sandwich, 1 prune, 3 cornchips. I have home made fish and chips on the menu for dinner but I am not sure I am going to be able to eat any fish as my tummy hurts right now big time.

.......................A brief station break............
ahh so yes in real time typing I got to the root of the problem-stuck prune. finally a forceful and not to pleasant vomit and the offending prune revealed itself. In my quest to eat I have again slipped into shoveling food in without chewing enough. arghghghghghghg

The worst of it all is (visualize a whiny voice here) that since I feel like I have not eaten much of anything (or as my friends says: I do not eat anymore). I should still be losing weight. Nope..I am up 1 pound! @#$%@$%@#$# scale.


The Dash! said...

Fark! I wonder what is going on.. that first day seemed like you had enough food - but the 2nd, well, you barely ate anything. And to gain?? That sucks! I hope it's just water weight (maybe? because you would be drinking a lot due to not eating maybe??)

Bunny said...

scales are the spawn of satan.
hugging you loads from over the pond

Got any dates (not prunes ha ha) yet for your summer trip over?


Debi said...

I totally know how you feel!! I too am struggling with losing the weight. I was doing great, then it just stopped!

I have been bouncing this 4.5 lbs up & down since Thanksgiving. Some days I barely eat anything.

Some days the scale goes down to just about where my lowest weight was, then it starts back up!

My DH thinks that I am not eating enough & my body is going into starvation mode, thus making me gain instead of losing!

I hope your scale starts to cooperate with you & move in the direction you want!!! LOL