Monday, November 30, 2009

Scale Is Back Where It Should Be

phew-After one very tight day back home the scale is back down to 213 exactly. I am hoping that after today I will at least drop a few ounces and launch into 212. I am so excited to be approaching the 100 mark but at the same time afraid that it will take forever and I do not want to get my hopes up too high in fear of the disappointment.

Yesterday was crazy. We had an open house at 1:00pm on Sunday so spent late Saturday night after we drove the 5 hours home from my parents making progress on unfinished touches to the house. We stayed up until 3am and then got up again early to work some more and clean up after ourselves. I have to say we did a really good job and the house is almost completely finished (small bathroom to finish, garage to really clean out and some gravel laid on the side of the house. Now that it is done I am going to miss the place :)

Anyway in the midst of all of this I also promised to help Cinda (daughter number 3) with an essay for her history class at college. All of this hustle and bustle caused me to skip breakfast and miss out on lunch. On our way to the library I decided to pop into a nearby cafe for soup. Well the cafe was closed and I was reduced to going to the local pharmacy (located next door to the cafe) to look for something. I ended up with a lunchable. I ate 1 turkey round (nasty tasting), 4 slices of plastic cheese and 4 crackers of this horrible abomination. I did not eat anything else until dinner when I had 1/2 a piece of pineapple and olive pizza and the rest of the piece later in the evening. I don't know how many calories this would represent but I am sure well under 1000.

Today was similarly busy as it was my meeting day down at the university. I managed to sneak in more calories with a piece of pizza (1/2 for breakfast and 1/2 for lunch), two skim mocha lattes, a piece of gingerbread 1/2 for a snack in the afternoon and the other 1/2 this evening. For dinner I attempted a very tasty strogonoff recipe i concocted but which refused to stay down. I think i got something stuck. I am feeling hungry right now but at 11:30 I am not going to risk a stomach ache all night so will deal with it. Sot that is it for calories today.

I have not thus far been very good at exercise but had a conversation with my office mate about his diet and exercise slow down. I have thus far saved exercise for when my weight loss really stalls. I am probably way off base here but feel that I need to save stuff to do as my body figures out that this weight is coming off and starts to compensate with low metabolism, conservation of energy etc. My office mate is going through what I call conservation of energy. He has already dropped his food intake down and rides his bike many miles a week. My suggestion to him was that he needs to cross train and mix up his exercise routine with something new. We discussed walking, running, stairs or rowing.

Well all of that exercise talk motivated me so we left the coffee shop we had popped into and took a 1/2 mile or so walk around campus and then decided (at my prompting) to climb a few flights of stairs on our way back to our office. My office mate pounded up the stairs with me in chase. I made 4 flights in good form and felt the need to stop. My office mate coaxed me up a fifth and then we clomped back down to the second floor to our office racing a bit on the stairs and doing a quick race down the hall to our office. It was all good fun and provided us with a bit of a workout (more me than him I am sure).

I loveeeeee it that the effort of movement is soooooooo much easier now!!!

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The Dash! said...

Movement is good! You seem to be fairly focussed which is half the battle. 212 here you come!!