Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crazy Days

So our house is listed and we had a boat-load of real estate agents go through it on an agent open house tour on Tuesday. I cannot believe how many real estate agents are at one company in my part of town! We had almost 20 business cards sitting on our entry hall table when I got home at 1:30 (I left at 10:30 am!). If the market is as bad as they say It is a wonder that many real estate agents are not starving to death! I don't know how they are making a living.

Today I am out of town doing teacher observations and getting paperwork put together for some other teachers we are adding to the study. As a result i am enjoying a quiet evening in solitude at a hotel....I seriously nodded off while reading some facebook entries a while ago. I woke up and noticed my computer had fallen asleep (not sure how long I had been out!). I will be here until Friday and then go home again to more home fix it and cleaning out. Hopefully someone will have had a look at the house and at least made some sort of an offer..fingers crossed.

My band thoughts for the day are this: I used to love to eat out. Scarily enough I am feeling like it is too much work to do anymore. I have gotten tired of ordering something and being unable to eat it. I either take a couple of bites and am done or get a bit more but still have to take the enormous portions home and then end up throwing them away two days later. It is just easier to cook at home or bring my own food and eat in my hotel room. I talked this over with my oldest daughter earlier this evening and she mom this band thing is finally changing you. Scary isn't it!! I did find a good meal choice out on Tuesday. the grocery store near the deli department had a small plastic cup with cubed cheeses and fruit. It was just the right size and provided me with fruits and cheese types I don't normally buy. A treat in a boring kind of bandy way :)


The Dash! said...

No, that was a very cool treat actually (well, I think so!)
Amazing how our thought patterns are turning around: I was actually thinking something similar. There are so many pitfalls to eating out, makes me wonder why we bother.

Tina said...

My guess is that discouraging us from eating is kind of the point of the thing. It is amazing how these moments make you say to yourself...duhh Now i came up with that one :)