Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time to Simplify

David was released from the hospital yesterday. In the end he did not have H1N1 but instead a nasty case of E Coli that had settled up in his kidneys. In the hospital he was loaded up with IV antibiotics and he has now been sent home with 11 days worth of more antibiotics in pill form.

Directly after David got home we had to do a quick clean in preparation for the real estate agent who we listed our house with last night. Since David was hauled off to the hospital I spent my days trying to get into visit him. As a result all of the last minute preparations for listing the house did not get done-such as trim paint, the bathroom rebuild, and de-clutter didn't get done. It now needs to be done in the next few days in preparation for and agent open house next Tuesday.

The purpose of all of this is to simplify our lives. I work too hard, David works too hard, We have Grace to care for (and try and spend quality time with). The older kids are gone from home and we no longer need a 5 bedroom house to house them in. We are planning on renting for 6 months to see if small space living is for us. If we like the apartment life we will put our house money into a condo. If it drives us crazy we will fall back on our original plan of property and go the rural route.

The condo route means that potentially we can buy a place with no loan and never have a house payment again, never have yard work again, clean a much smaller place and use our paycheck for retirement savings, travel, boarding a horse for Grace and overall have more leisure time. Best of all..and Im not totally sure I am ready for this but I kind of want to try it. I can quit my job and stay home again :)

Weight-wise I am down one more pound but amazingly I think this fill is loosening up already!!! I must be at some pivotal fat amount around my stomach and the one pound of blubber loosened the band already. For once I have preplanned things and have an appointment already arranged in two weeks. I will try and behave myself and keep the band as loose as possible this time so I can get a bit more fill and possibly get a better weight loss run with the next fill.


The Dash! said...

I'm glad your hubby is on the mend.. but E-coli - eeeek!! That must have been frightening!
I hear you on the band loosening. Mine has done the same over a few weeks - it makes me wonder.. how on earth do we go through 6 months without fills when we hit target weight? I can't seem to go more than 6 weeks now!

Tina said...

I was worried about cancer so treatable e coli I can live with. So far the antibiotics seems to be working.

I don't know about this band. I wish there was more research studies about how different people live day to day with the band instead of just whether it works or not. I hypothesize that people who carry their weight in their upper body probably have more trouble keeping a good fill than those who carry it in their backsides. I can't find anything that supports that though. I do know that every pound i seem to lose now makes a huge difference in high tight my band is.