Saturday, November 14, 2009

Working Like Crazy

Today was a full on mad day of house prep. While David cut up some landscape timbers so we could take them to the dump (yes he is much better), I cleaned out the shed. Between the two of use we completely filled the back end of his very large truck. It amazes me how much crap one can store in a tiny garden shed.

This evening we finished ripping up the now gutted bathroom floor in preparation for a reinstall of sub-floor and tiles tomorrow.

Hopefully we will also fit in some painting as in the afternoon I have promised to load up an extra fridge we have in the garage and take it to a friends house in Central Oregon because her fridge broke. If anyone has any fridge strapping advice I want to hear it. I am nervous of keeping the fridge in the back of the truck.

Monday is a work day (I will limit it to the drive down, meeting, drive home scenario. I need to get back and do more painting.

On a good note this working is great for exercise. I lifted more 'weights' today than I have in a lifetime.

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The Dash! said...

lol Sounds like you're having a busy time. Keeps us out of mischief!