Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Looseness

I am back from Thanksgiving at my parents house. It was a good time with lots of food and political disagreement (with minimal blows given and received-haha). My parents house was filled with crazy amounts of food that I had no business being exposed to including the naughty items David and I contributed to the mix.

one 24 pound Turkey, a gallon of mashed potatoes, 3 cups of gravy, a liter of stuffing, one can of cranberry jelly, sliced artisan beer/vinegar bread, butter, two pumpkin pies, one apple pie, one cheesecake, home-made grape juice with diet 7-up. This pile of food was shared by 6 full-sized adults stomachs, one teenage boys stomach, one teenage girls stomach, one child and one banded adult stomach. I did fine with dinner but lost the plot at dessert where I stretched one piece of pumpkin pie and one of cheesecake over the course of the evening. I paid the price with intense indigestion throughout the night.

I had this indigestion for two nights because of my stupid nighttime eating. I saved myself the agony on the third night not because i did any better on the third day but because i finally caught a clue and stopped the food train after dinner. I also drank more water on the third day.

For some reason my band decided to open up fairly wide and plague me with hunger for all three days. I tried to temper my hunger with popcorn but I still ate jelly beans, pies, and way too much carbohydrate laden foods. I gained two pounds over the 3 days and have been tight again ever since i returned home. Who knows why i have tightened it the humidity? elevation? my weight? mental imbalance? who knows. I am glad I am tight again now and can rest easy that the two pounds will soon come off again.

I did notice the extreme eating my family is capable of doing when holiday revelry is in full swing. This band has provided some great opportunity to watching eaters. Because I fill up so fast or have to force myself to eat slowly that I watch those around me eat. Now don't get me wrong there is no subversive food eating in my family. They are all really normal with no corn in teeth or chew and show or other obnoxious eating habits. But what they do as most people in this world is revel in good holiday food. Almost everyone ate huge plates of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. Most also proceeded to complain about how overfilled they were for the rest of the evening.

At the end of this extravaganza despite my overeating. I can say I am very pleased that I have this band to at least tempter my overzealous appetite and limit the extent to which I can undo so much hard work.


The Dash! said...

Is it hard to have Thanksgiving then do it all over again at Christmas with similar food? I imagine it's a lot of work too lol not to mention dodging eons of food. But that said, sounds like you did a great job! Funny how you band has decided to loosen up. Must be male!! Only men are so pedantic (haha!)

Linda said...


The best thing about the band is that even when we over eat it's so much less than would have in the past. It sounds like you did well despite your loose band.