Friday, January 6, 2012

Still Flitting About

Our house took a few days to close and we are busily but slowly moving in and cleaning stuff up. My daughter and her boyfriend (for a fee)..did a thorough pre-clean of our new house and we have been slowly moving a few pieces of furniture and boxes over during the week. We were planning on making the major part of the move this weekend but have discovered that the hot water tank has been turned off and that the master bathroom toilet needs some plumbers attention. That will have to wait until a weekday (cause I am not going to pay weekend rates for a plumber).

Today Grace and I did a first coat of paint in her bedroom. She did a wonderful job wielding the paint roller herself and picked out a nice beige that matches the downstairs and hallway wall paint.

My two older daughters came over and helped a bit. My oldest daughter's help came in especially handy when I stupidly dumped a decent amount of the bucket of paint off the ladder onto my left shoulder and head. She spread paper towels across the floor to make a trail for me to walk. I stripped off clothes when they finally stopped dripping and this point...discovered that the hot water tank that we thought was warming up was just plain old not on. One freezing soapless shower later David arrived with a towel, a shirt to change into and a small cooler filled with hot water (bless him). It was too late for me but I used it to wash off the paintbrush and roller.

We then went out to dinner and had steak (my favorite thing to do after the unfill I had a few weeks back.). I shared mine with my grandson who ate at least 2/3's of the steak and the asparagus. I brought the potato home for breakfast.

On New Years day Grace and I went on David's (sort of) diet plan. We are taking it on very loosely but have vowed to go as sugar and grain free as possible. This pseudo paleo/atkins thing has been OK so far. I swapped my peppermint mocha frapp for a sugar free version. We have been eating lots of fruits and vegetables and as little bread as possible. One of the nutrition books we recently acquired talks about the historical and healthier habit of eating only sprouted grains so I found a package of sprouted quinoa, rice and wild rice that we had for dinner with some home-made chicken tikka masala. It was quite good.

I do feel tons better (I think both from eating more, taking my vitamins and dropping a lot of crappier foods from my diet). I have had a few cravings as Grace has for bread (which is weird because as long as I was eating sugar in my coffee the bread didn't bug me much). David says his cravings got better after a week. I hope these improve. I topped out at 169.8 on New Years Eve and I am already down to 167.1 as of this morning. I am pretty confident that I can keep this up (and give up more if needed) to get the scale back down to my more comfortable 164 zone. I have too many pretty clothes to let the scale creep up too much.

I hope the New Year is treating you all well. I will be head down in packing and carting Grace to choir camp tomorrow. I hope you are enjoy your weekend as well.



tz said...

I find it interesting that, well at least for me, that salty high carb fluffy food is what I 'crave' and want to make me 'feel' better but in reality when I eat as you describe I actually feel better. I wish my mind stomach partnership could just figure out that connection....Sounds like things are going well, congrats

Cece said...

I'm cold just reading your story but hopefully by now you've warmed up. That pic of Grace is adorable. I hope you consider charging a fee the next time the boyfriend eats at your house :)

Jacquie said...

Great pic of Grace and so sorry about your painting adventure!

Lynda said...

Love that color!