Monday, January 23, 2012

Its Coming Together

On Saturday we played hooky with the moving and just enjoyed our proximity to the max train. Grace went off with her friends to the art museum for the day and David and I harnessed a free day for ourselves. We got on the max train and rode it downtown. He had a Christmas present gift certificate to spend and so we mooched the afternoon in the book store where he picked up some cook books. I looked at the knitting books but resisted all but a spinning magazine.

We then walked around the Pearl district part of Portland and popped into a few furniture stores. My goal was to find a nice rug for our living room. Although there were a lot of sales on and pretty things nothing inspired me to spend on anything. We definitely did not find a rug. The only other purchase we made was some felt pads for our chairs to protect the hard wood floors.

We did manage a nice lunch downtown. I had a chopped chicken salad with barbecue sauce, corn, lettuce cheese and some ranch dressing stuff. It was good but super spicy and It hurt going down. Does anyone else have more trouble with spicy food these days?

At dinner we got back on the train and headed home. I read my magazine and david thumbed through his new books. After a stop off at home we had a look at Marshall's and picked up some red kitchen towels and a new oven mitt. We still didn't find an agreeable rug.

Today I slept in an amazingly long time (I don't know what is up with the sleeping thing. I was asleep by midnight and still slept in until noon). David delivered a coffee too me (it is really a good life eh?). We then went to take my aunt to Walmart and then had an early dinner with her at Outback Steakhouse. We came home and finally did some more stuff moving and cleaning of the old rental house. We took four trips in all and loaded up most of the rest of the stuff in the house. There is just a bit of kitchen stuff left to move and the bottom half of my china closet. There is also quite a bit in the garage still and my outside flower pots and bird baths (I am not sure where these are going to go as I really don't have much outside space anymore).

We are being inspected at the rental house on Tuesday. They come walk through every 6 month. We have not yet told them we are moving out so it will probably come as a bit of a surprise when they find the place empty. We have a lease until April but if we can re-rent the house they will knock off the remaining months charge.

This last moving stuff session made me feel a bit better about things. The final bits of stuff are coming tot he new house. I have been having trouble figuring out where to put furniture in the living room but I think it is looking a bit better now. I have already had the sofa in three different locations. I will take pictures soon so you can see things.



Lonicera said...

Those inspections would make me nervous!
Yes, these days I get heartburn with fried food, spicy food and fatty food generally, however little I've had. Every so often I ask myself how I would feel if I had the band removed, but the answer is always the same. A resounding no, because it would make eating more comfortable and I'd be out of control again.

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Moving is so hard. Glad you're getting so much accomplished. I've been looking for a rug for my front room since Hurricane Ike 3 years ago. I had a rug that I loved and can't find one that makes me happy like the other one did, so...I'm just rugless there! Oh well, good luck. If I'm having a tight day, spicy food hurts, as it sits there for a while, but other times it's no problem at all.