Sunday, January 29, 2012

House House House

No pics yet but we were productive this weekend. We finished moving almost all of the stuff from our old place to this new one (except for a few things in the garage, charity shop run stuff and Kids to claim furniture items. We cleaned a little. David is going to broadcast the house availability for rent on his inter-company list serve tomorrow. Hopefully we can get someone who wants it for Feb and we can get out from under the lease.

Friday was a lovely day off for me, Grant stayed over as he was sick and daycare wouldn't let him come play :). He did have a fever and I guess I gave him the sickness not the other way around as first thought. After our morning relaxation coffee break (Grant played Angry birds, Grace surfed the web and so did I) We took our lunch on the road and took Grant home. Grace and I then went to visit my uncle at the rehab center. He was in physical therapy and we got to talk to him while he cycled on a stationary bike for 17 minutes and then walked across the room. He is really making progress. Friday night David and I sat in our new ugly but comfy chairs and watched a little TV. All three of us watched an episode of Midsomer Murders as Grae and I are working our way through the whole series. Then Grace went off to bed and David and I watched Kingdom (he and I are working our way through that series). Both are quite good.

On Saturday I went with Cinda and her boyfriend's mother to a Cabi party and brunch at a winery. We wine tasted, and looked at lovely clothes that I could actually try on and fit into. Ah I remember another time in my life when this would have struck plain old terror in me. I tried on Smalls, mediums and larges and the only item that I could not get on was a size 4 pair of lemon colored skinny jeans (no surprise there). Everything else I could get on and I had the unheard of dilemma of what to buy and what not to buy and what did I actually love and what did I know I could get cheaply elsewhere. In the end I purchased: a blue to orange tunic that Cinda and I both liked


a plum colored sweater that made everyone (including me) look skinny.

I then came home and helped David move the rest of our crap out of the old house and clean a bit. We then went back to Vancouver to visit my uncle (my aunt went home for the weekend and I didn't want him to be too lonely. We got there and he was asleep so we went and had steak out and then went back for a visit. Then it was home again for a protein smoothy and more Kingdom.

Today...we unpacked a couple of boxes, had morning leisure coffee. Visited with a neighbor and got to see what he had done with his very similar house to ours. We then went off to Ikea to look for some shelves to hack and potential cabinets to install for a bar. Cinda is now helping to care for a young woman who has high needs. She is wheel chair bound but a sweetie. Cinda took her on an outing with us to Ikea and we shopped with this young woman. she really liked watching Grace and all of the people in the store so I am glad we took her along. It was also nice to see Cinda take such good care of someone. We had another steak out for dinner (I am trying to up my iron via the beef although tonight was a fail on that score). We then came home did a smidge more unpacking, another episode of Midsomer and another two episodes of Kingdom while I surfed the web.

All in all...a very soothing while productive weekend.

A note on hormones: Women are screwed!! My hormones not only run my moods half the time but they obviously control my band tightness and it is a right pain in the arse. I am hungry as can be right now. A regular bottomless pit and my band is cooperating (well except for at Outback steak house where I fell for the $%$@$ bread). My weight is swinging up...I am fairly confident that I will go down again in a few days as the hormones change again and my band retightens. I would love to know if banded men have anything close to these problems or if it is just up to us women to suffer. In any is not good.



Sam said...

Sounds like you had a very productive weekend :o) Good luck with the renting of your old house!

Lynda said...

I absolutely LOVE that tunic!!!! Anxiously awaiting pictures of the house (inside & out). Glad to hear your uncle is making progress.

Justine said...

love that purple cardi!
Really looking forward to seeing photos of your new place. Any more thoughts on the yarn store?

Ronnie said...

I love the tunic, gorgeous! Where exactly did you buy it from? I need a matching one. ;)

Glad to hear the weekend went well, that the moving is coming along so smoothly, and that your uncle is feeling so much better!

I'm thinking you're definitely onto something about hormones and the band. I've been getting tighter lately, PBing alot more. It's no bueno, started right around the time I got my TOM and hasn't gone away. Driving me nuts. :(