Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm Here

Happy New Year everyone.

For a couple of years now I have typed my goals in this blog at the start of the new year. It is funny how so many more areas of my life are ripe for new year resolutioning now that weight is not such a big issue. Although diet and exercise are not absent from my goals in 2012 they do not take all of the focus anymore. The big goal has shifted to organization (Although I haven't double checked I recall that this was on my list last year)...I think I have found a new thing to be a failure at :).

The goals:

1. refocus and keep my weight down and vitamin levels up at this looser level of restriction. I started this today with taking my pills and vitamins with water at home. I then went off and had a sugar free peppermint mocha frapp (I can give them up completely)..and it was just fine. I then came home and had 1/2 cup of an egg, potato, spinach and cheese scramble. My focus diet will be to drastically reduce the amount of crabs I ingest (mostly) focusing on sugar and grains). I will eat three meals a day at least and only eat carbs in the form of fruit and vegetable. David is doing this in a much more strict manner and with really good success.

2. Organize our crap. We have too much disorganized goods that we have yet to cull, sort and scan. Next week we are moving into a new house that will be our home for quite a long while. We need to whittle down the crap so that we fit into the place.

3. We need to use our time even more wisely. We have made improvements over the last year but all three of us suffer from schedule avoidance. We need to sleep more regularly, use our time wisely and relax fully when it is time.

I am sticking to 3 this year. No word..just the three.



Cece said...

I spent a good deal of time in 2011 organizing my 'stuff' and like everything - maintenance is tough ! I really like your number three ... to relax fully (when it's time). Great idea !

Linda said...

Good 3 Tina. Too many goals get over whelming. I really hope your move goes well, I know that's such a pain.

Rachel said...

You can do it! xx

Sam said...

It's a good three :o) & they will keep you busy all year long & help your on your journey!!
Happy New Year :o)