Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh Yeah Thats More Like It

Finally I can get work going around the house. I got home at 9pm but thankfully felt pretty good. After a quick pop into the grocery store for some dinner we did a run over to the house. Grace stayed up late and came with us in her pajamas :) She finally had the urge to load up her bedroom while David and I loaded a bunch of stuff from the garage including our temporary dining room table.

We filled up the truck drove it home, unloaded it and then cleared out all of the downstairs pile of boxes that have piled up over the last couple of weeks and I stayed in bed. My living room is now bare and the dining room finally has some furniture in it. The new fridge came and is in its slot. The mini dorm room fridge is back in the garage where it belongs.

Today Cinda, Grace and I hit Marshalls and homegoods to look for a garbage can, a paper towel holder, some laundry bins for Grace, a mail sorter, a cool lamp for Graces room, and two bathroom mirrors. I still need a rug for the living room and some additional lamps plus possibly a living room accent chair. I am going to take my time though and look around for both a good deal and something I really like.

stuff is happening now..finally.


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